Team 60 Huntsman Tournament {2012}

Joy Biko's #3F
St. George{Huntsman} Tournament Team 60
Tournament Hi-Lites:
Oct 12:
Bob Charette’s final report from the Huntsman Games:

Well, sports fans, it has been a rather anti-climatic day. Heavy rains washed all games out so the results are as follows:
Huff and Puff 60+ were given the Bronze in the Division C on the strength of one win and one loss in the medal round. They had a bye in the first round of medals.
Both teams represented Medicine Hat very well and are to be congratulated. Many comments from opposing players and the umpires on how we conduct ourselves on the field.
Oct 11:
Thursday’s report form Bob Charette aka “the Roving Reporter”

Huff and Puffs 26 Calgary Strike Force 9
Well folks the 60+ boys got it going as well today. Scoring the 5 runs max in four innings and 6 in the open inning kept them out in front the whole game. Some big hitting all around with Tom notching a double and a triple, a triple by Warren and Ernie. All the others contributed well with a ton of singles and doubles. Ernie pitched a good game and the slippery field provided some interesting plays by both sides.They will have their work cut out for them tomorrow but with a win in the morning can advance them into the Gold medal game.
Oct 10:
Wednesday’s report on Team 60 from Bob Charette:

MH Huff and Puffs 60+ - 24 Alberta Oilers – 25
The 60+ boys were in tough against a hard hitting Oilers team from Edmonton. The score seesawed back and forth throughout the game, the lead changing many times. Going in to the bottom of the seventh the Oilers were trailing by 5 but were able to score 6 runs to squeak out the victory. There was lots of good hitting by the 60+ boys with Warren going yard for a home run.
Oct 9:
Tuesday’s report on Team 60 from Bob Charette:

Score Mittfits 18 - Huff & Puffs 13
The boys had a decent game and stayed with the Mittfits for most of the game but in the end the team from Oregon prevailed with a little better hitting. Warren batted well and registered a fence clearing home run.
This roving reporter predicts that the 60+ boys will get it going tomorrow when it matters most.
Oct 8:
Team 60 report from Bob Charette.

The 60+ boys lost a real close one in the bottom of the seventh to the Second Wind team from Salt Lake City by a score of 17 to 16. Both teams were strong offensively with our boys having a few jitters on defence that made the difference. Warren came up with a strong bat clearing the wall in centre and a stand up double as well. In the second game the boys came through with a 21 to 12 win over the team from Mesa.
  Time Team Score Team Score
Oct 8 Med Hat 60’s 16 vs Second Wind Team 17
Med Hat 60’s 21 vs Mesa 12
Oct 9 9:10am Med Hat 60’s 13 vs Misfits{Oregon} 18
Oct 10 Med Hat 60’s 24 vs Alberta Oilers 25
Oct 11   Med Hat 60’s 26 vs Calgary Strike Force 9
Oct 12   Med Hat 60’s R/O vs