Team 65 Huntsman Tournament {2012}

65  Gold 2012 Hunts

St George{Huntsman} Tournament Team 65 Oct 8 - 12
Tournament Hi-Lites:
Oct 12:
Bob Charette’s final report from the Huntsman Games:

Well, sports fans, it has been a rather anticlimactic day. Heavy rains washed all games out so the results are as follows:
Huff and Puff 65+ won the gold in Division B on the strength of not being beaten in the medal round. So the boys had a perfect record in St George. 6 and 0.
Both teams represented Medicine Hat very well and are to be congratulated. Many comments from opposing players and the umpires on how we conduct ourselves on the field
Oct 11:
Bob Charette Thursday Report:

Huff and Puff 65s 21 Very Ancient Rainiers (Seattle Area) 16
Well sports fans, the 65+ continue to roll. And what a game it was. We scored 5 and they scored five. We scored five and they scored five. We scored five and they scored three. They flinched first. We then scored five in the fourth and shut them down on their side. That was the end of four and because the game was long the fifth was an open inning. We scored just one and they got three but that was it.No super stars today but some very solid hitting, all singles and doubles. Defence was good when we got our hands on the ball and Roger pitched a great game as he has in all three medal round games.
We will now play for the gold tomorrow and whoever we get they must beat us twice so let the chips fall where they may.
Oct 10:
Bob Charette Daily Report:

Score - Huff & Puff 13 Bobby & Steve's 12
A good start to the medal round with the 65+ boys edging the Minnesota team by a run in the bottom of the seventh. Our boys had the bats going well and after a shaky start on defence were able to stay close until taking over when it mattered most. Highlights in the hitting department were Emerson with a home run and Bob with a triple. Dave with a two run double as well as doubles for Terry and Len. Keith with a triple and three solid hits by Gord N Keith and Emerson to finish the scoring

Huff and Puff 65s 16 Drifters 12
Another real good game for the boys as they led practically the whole way. A lead off triple for Larry L followed by some sound singles got them started. Home runs by Terry and Emerson and some solid hitting by all sealed the deal for two wins on the day.
Oct 9:
Tuesday’s report on Team 65 by Bob Charettte:

Score - Huff & Puffs 16 - Northern Door Slammers 4 (mercy after 5 innings)
The 65+ boys continued to roll with another win in the round robin. Defense was sound and the bats continued to perform. Dave Shauf had a 2 run single and Emerson cranked out a ISTP home run. Doubles by Terry and Len drove in three runs

Oct 8:
A day one report from Bob Charette:

For the 65+ gang it was a good day as they beat the Salty Dogs from St George by a score of 14 to 2 in just five innings. All batters contributed some good hits with Emer and Terry each tagging a ISTP homer along with some good catches in the field by Gordie N, Len and Keith.

In the second game it was more good hitting and a combined effort on defense as we outscored the Past Our Prime group from Fresno by a count of 13 to 3. Special mention to Gord D and Rod for doubles.

  Time Team Score Team Score
Mon - 8 1:50pm Med Hat 65’s 14 vs Salty Dogs 2
3:10pm Med Hat 65’s 13 vs Past Our Prime 3
Tues - 9 12:30pm Med Hat 65’s 16 vs North Door Slammers 4
Wed - 10 3:10pm Med Hat 65’s 13 vs Bob & Steve Auto Works 12
  4:30pm Med Hat 65’s 16 vs Big Country Drifters 12
Thur - 11 9:50am Med Hat 65’s 21 vs Very Ancient Rainiers 16
Fri - 12   Med Hat 65’s R/O vs