Team 70 Huntsman Tournament {2012}

70 Bronze 2012 Hunt

St George{Huntsman} Tournament Team 70 Oct 15 - 19
Tournament Hi-Lites:
Oct 19:
Day 5 Report From Tom Esler:

We had the Bronze medal by virtue of winning the 1st two games, and we are now playing for the Silver medal. If we win then we move to the gold medal game against a Team from the Okanagan Valley. Today we face A team from Oregon called the Southwest. We played them yesterday an won handily so we thought we had a good chance to repeat the performance. We lost the flip so we had to bat first. Stan Rath came to the plate and immediately smack a IPH, one of the 8 he hit during the tournament. Our bats again had some jump and we control the game throughout and finished with a 19 to 9 win. In the 4th inning we were up by 11 runs and had the "Mercei" run on third base but could not get it home. Suffice to say we now had the silver medal in our grasp and would now move on to play for the gold in our next game. The coach decided to bat all 15 players a he was confident of the win. Our heavy hitters came thru again; Stan, Howard, and Harold all had IPH. Stan, Clint and Harold each had a triple. Our two pickup players , Big John and Richard both went 3 for 4. Fred Bohnet and Mel Durr went 2 for 3. Tom Esler slid into second base to break up a double play and accidentally "touch" the Short Stops foot but we assure the Umpire that was strictly accidental. After the win against Oregon we had a 10 min break and would have to face the team from the Okanagan who had beaten us twice previous.
Gold Medal Game; The Huff and Puff simply ran out of steam against an excellent hitting team from the valley. They pounded out 20 runs in 5 innings to win 20 to 7. We assisted in the Okanagan victory with several error. It would behove any of you curlers to ask Harvey Moch if he knows what to do with a slow grounder hit directly to him. The only bright spot was Stan Rath hitting another IPH and Jim P turning another triple into a double. We owe Jim P a debt of gratitude for the great job of getting this team together and for coaching us to the Silver Medal. Another successful year comes to an end
Oct 18:
Day 4 Report From Tom Esler:

Our first games was at 1 :50 against a team from Oregon called the Northwest Classic. We got off to good start by scoring 5 runs in both the 1st and 2nd Innings and then scoring 7 runs the rest of the way. We held then off the score sheet until the 3 rd inning and then our defence kept them off balance the rest of the way. The ball seemed to be jumping off our bats with some " Seeing Eye Hits " to coin a phase. Clint, Stan and Harold each had an ( inside the park homer ) IPH and they each went 3 for 4. Harvey Moch also played long ball and went 2 for 3. Jim P had 2 excellent line drives , one of which practically crippled the opponents pitcher with a shot off his ankle. Harold E preformed the "Vaseline treatment " to the ankle and pitcher was able to continue after 5 minutes. The 55+ team came to the game a cheered us to victory which was appreciated.

In the 2 nd game we were pitted against a team from the Okanogan Valley and their bats were sizzling while ours went south. The mercied us in 5 Innings with a score of 18 to 6. The only offence we could muster was an IPH by Stan Rath and a triple by Harold E. They both went 2 for 2. The only other offence was two hits by Jim P and Big John from Lethbridge who both went 2 for 2. Tom Esler had all 3 outs in the second Inning with 3 superb catches but our defence was having an off day as the created several errors.
There are only 3 teams left in the hunt for Gold so the worst we can do is a Bronze medal. However, we still have a chance at 8:30 tomorrow when we play either Albert ( Sandudo and Grand Prairie ) or a Team called the Southwest. A win would pit us against the Okanagan Team with another shot at the Gold medal

Oct 17:
Day 3 Report from Tom Esler:

We Won! We won! but we did it the hard way. We came from behind. The first two innings was terrible as we booted the ball, every chance we got. Also the bats where still dead. After three innings we were down 11 to 1 and needless to say were where down in attitude. Harold Enslen took over and gave us a PEP talk, and convinced us we could come back and win. His approach must have worked as we scored 5 runs in the next 3 innings to take the lead 16 to 11. Then we only allowed the opposition 3 runs the rest of the way. We were the home team so we did not bat in the 7 th. Players who excelled are: Stan had 2 triples and single; Harvey had 2 doubles and went 3 for 3 which scored 5 runs; Jim P turned a home run into a Triple which score a couple of runs; Howard G had a homer and a ground rule double which easily would have been a home run with 1 runner aboard; Eric had two timely singles which scored 4 runs; Richard Martin ( our pickup from Calgary ) went 3 for 3 ; Harold E had a double and single. Harvey Moch pitched a great game as he used the Sun to his advanced and threw everything about 11 feet high. Their left hand batter could not see the ball at all.
We play tomorrow at 1:50 and hopefully at 4:30.

Oct 16:
Day 2 Report From Tom Esler:

This was not an impressive day to say the least. We lost both games by a 17 to 5 score as our bats were silent. Although we have 13 players from Med Hat, we added Richard Martin from Calgary and he certainly will not hurt us. He tripled and singled in the first game. Tom Esler was the only one with 3 hits. The Sun was " Murder" on the right fielders for both team which caused nightmares for Ken Zolner. We used all 3 pitchers again today but it was the lack of hitting that was our downfall.
In the second game we pitched Al Longworth for 2 Innings and Big John from Lethbridge joined our team so he pitched 3 Innings but the Old D's from Michigan where an excellent hitting team and it is doubtful if we ever see them again as they will be either AAA or Major. Richard Martin had another double and Jim Porsceh had two single and sent a "Rocket " to right centre that was caught. We batted all 15 players in second game but Jim P says we will go with 11 players tomorrow.

Oct 15:
Report from Tom Esler:

The first game for the 70 Plus was OK but not super but we lost 17 to15 in 6 Innings. We played all 14 players and each pitcher ( which included Al Longworth ) pitched 2 Innings. After 2 Innings we thought we left our bats at home. Then in the third we picked it up scoring 5 runs in the next 3 Innings but came up short in the 6 th. The highlights where as follows: Ken Bachmier hit a IPH which also chasing Esler home. Stan Rath, Howard Gerhing, Harv Moch and Clint Phaff all hit a triple. Clint, Mel Durr and Eric Stephenson all went 3 for 3.
Tomorrow we play at 11:10 and 12:30.

  Time Team Score Team Score
Mon - 15 Med Hat 70’s 15 vs Okanagan MacDonalds 17
Tues - 16 11:10 Med Hat 70’s 5 vs Bradenton Bombers 17
12:30 Med Hat 70’s 5 vs Old D’s (USA) 17
Wed - 17 Med Hat 70’s 16 vs Modesto, CA 14
Thurs - 18 1:50 Med Hat 70’s 17 vs Northwest Classic  
    Med Hat 70’s 6 vs Okanagan Valley 18
Fri - 19 8:30 Med Hat 70’s 19 vs Oregon 9
Med Hat 70’s 7 vs Okanagan M’s 20