Below is a quick note from Randy Biko:

Team Canada, which was well represented by players from the Medicine Hat senior slow pitch club, played a double header against the US.

Game 1.    Canada 24.  US. 9
Game 2.   Canada 14.   US. 28

MVPs of the tournament were:
Blaine Lutz, Larry Biko and Jamie White

Batting Average of local players:

Blaine Lutz.  7 for 7 with a HR
Larry Biko.    6 for 7
Jamie White  4 for 6.   Star pitcher
Randy Biko.    5 for 7 with a HR
Coaches were Harold Enslen and Bob Charrette

See you Fellows soon

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Feb 14:
     Below are the minutes from the AGM meeting in December.
Jan 1:
     2018 is now upon us and the league is already getting ready for the 2018 season. Below you will find both the field house practice schedule and also a registration form for the 2018 season. These form can be downloaded or printed right from the page.

Oct 24:
Below is a e-mail from Norm about the clean up and lorne Holden Field after last weeks wind storm:

Hi guys,

     On Thursday morning a small but dedicated group of workers (Bob Charette, Jim Dulle, Daryl Hubich, Vern Herter, Jim Fink) attended Holden Field for clean up. The wind brought down a lot of dead branches – large and small. There didn’t appear to be any live branches down. There was no damage to buildings or fences. Much of the debris was even in the infield.

     The crew raked it all into many piles and carried the large branches to the wood pile near the fire pit. We started in the infield and then raked more piles in the none playing area along side right field. We came around home plate and got to almost third base before I called a halt. We’d been there two hours and guys had other commitments.

     On Friday afternoon Bob and I returned for further work. To our great surprise the City had already been through there and picked up by machine all of the small piles we’d put together. The large stuff they had dragged outside the fence and piled high near the toilets. The area that we had not raked was left untouched. After an hour Bob and I had raked about half of that area. We hope to return this week and complete the job. I presume that the City will then finish their pick up.

     I’m sending this out so that our guys are acknowledged and to let you know that the field is available for late fall games.


Oct 21:
     The final results are in for Huntsman Games with all 4 of the Medicine Hat Teams winning a medal.  Thanks Kevin Friesen,Team 55, Jamie White, Team 60, Ernie Ambrosi,Team 65, and Sherwin Lehman,Team 70, for submitting such great reports of the games scores and Hi-Lites. Also to Harold Enslen for submitting team photos.
Sept 15:
     Photos from last weekends scramble are now posted in the photo section to the right of the page. There are 3 galleries posted. Remember if any one would like a copy of any photo please contact me at and I will gladly send you a digital copy.