Welcome to the Medicine Hat Senior Ball 2023 Season Web Site

Feb 7:
     Registration period is now open through March 31st.  Please use either the PDF or WORD version of the registration form provided on this page.  Please follow the instructions directly in the form for completing, making payment and returning your registration.  Registration related questions can be directed to Grant MacKay at 403-548-4099.

Dec 29:
     The League is looking for a new Team Rep and a Team Coach for the Garage Pub.
Any individuals interested could contact our Vice President, Curtis Scherger.

Dec 28:
     Arrangements have again been made for indoor sessions to be held at the field house on the stampede grounds.
     Our times are Tuesdays and Thursdays (2:30 to 4:15) on the following dates:
  • February 13, 15, & 20
  • March 7, 12, 14, 19, 21, 26 & 28

    At our annual meeting on December 12 we were honored to recognize two members from our league and present them with life memberships.

     Rick Parker and Jamie White have volunteered countless hours contributing to the league and continue to do so. The league has benefited from your dedication.

     Rick and Jamie congratulations on being selected as life members of the Medicine Hat Senior Slowpitch League.

Dec 9:
     Below is the 2022 AGM meeting minutes, plus the agenda for the AGM meeting being held this
Monday December the 21th which can be printed.
Oct 21:
     Final reports from both Team 55 and Team 70 are now posted. 
A team photo for Team 55 is also posted on the Team 55 page.
Thanks to Gerard for submitting the photo.
Oct 14:
     Final reports from both Team 60 and Team 65 are now available. 
Congratulations to both teams, with Team 60 winning Silver and Team 65 winning Gold.
Thanks to Kevin and Jamie for submitting both scores and daily reports.
Jamie has also submitted some photos. Link below.
Sept 25:
Below is a message from the league submitted by Darrell Maser:

     On September 9th, we held our final league scramble and our annual windup supper. 
The weather was beautiful and we had a great turnout of the leagues players. We were able to make 8 pretty competitive teams; the Mavericks, Juggies, Mikes Meats, Lakers, Redi, and the Red Sox along with their wives and girlfriends, did a great job of working together to help make the day enjoyable. There was lots of help from all the member that pitched in during the day. Thanks to everyone. 
We prepared and served our supper this year and thought it went over well. The cooks, Bruce Gardiner, Ken Bachmier, and Harvey Buye barbecued some excellent steaks. Great job fellows. 
We would like to acknowledge Randy and Gary and their crew of Darlene Black, Bob Charette, Roger King, Larry Savage, and Lutz Perschon for scorekeeping and announcing not only this event, but all the other games during the year. They certainly add to the professionalism of our league. It’s a huge commitment and we appreciate this. Thank you to Rick Parker, Curtis Scherger, Norm Emann, Ken Kallis, Darren Stenke, Dave Hammel, Jim Black, and many others that put in the work to keep the diamond in top shape. At the windup we recognized Jim Black as a life member. Jim has put in countless hours of time over the years just doing whatever needed to be done. He has the energy of a twenty year old. The honour of a life membership for Jim is well deserved. 
We would also like to acknowledge Harvey Moch on being able to play with his sons for all these years. That’s quite a legacy for Harvey and Millie and the rest of their family. 
We’ve had 3 scrambles and a big tournament and we believe they were successful and enjoyable for everyone that was involved. All this could not have happened without the assistance of our members in this league. 
A couple more people we would like to thank are Gerard Hittel and the Huff and Puffs for putting together a great tournament. Thank you to our executive for all they do in our league. It was a great year, thank you to everyone who made it possible. Hope to see you all next year.

Sept 14:
Below is a message from Jim Black:
  • The 2023 season is now officially over and on behalf of the Executive, I would like to thank all the members who volunteered their time to help make Lorne Holden a  true "Field Of Dreams" for so many of us! Have a safe winter and to the members going "Down South" may your hits be many and your errors few.
Sept 14:
Harvey played his last game in our league tonight
A picture of Harvey and his two boys Leon and Delvin.

Sept 13:
Below is a message from the league:
  • A special thanks to Ken Kallis and friends for the fresh paint job on the Lorne Holden sign above the score clock.  On the back of the sign, Ken has captured the feeling many of us have about the Lorne Holden Field. Next time you drive by take a look.
Sept 10:
Jim Black Receiving Life Time Membership
(Click On Image To Enlarge)

Sept 3:
     Below is a note from League President Jim Black:
Fellow Club members, when you arrive at the diamond on September 4th, you will see the booth has been newly painted. Thanks goes out to Norm Emann, Gerard Hittle, Ken Kallis and Curtis Scherger for giving their time on a holiday long weekend to get the job done. Much appreciated!

Aug 20:
Team 70+ With Gold Medal From 55+ Games

June 27:
     Below is a quick League Note:
For all team representatives, coaches, and players the automatic external defibrillator is conveniently located in the shed were we park the quad. When you are down at the ballpark take the time to see where it is stored.

Aug 27:
Below is a note from the league
  • The Club has put together a "Rules Review Committee" made up of Darrell Bartman(chair) Royce Hopkins and Barry Koch. If you have questions about the present rules,suggestions for rule changes or clearer wording for present rules etc, please take the time to talk to one of these gentlemen. They will bring their recommendations to the Executive Meeting scheduled for October 25th.