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Nov 12:
 Medicine Senior Mens Slowpitch Association
Annual General Meeting 
Wednesday December 19, 2018
7:00pm @ Medicine Hat Curling Club

Annual Reports
Election of Directors

Items for Discussion at a Vote:
1) 70 foot base paths
2) 12 Run Mercy Rule after 5 innings
3) 1-1 Count for entire season

Oct 20:
     The last report of the 2018 Huntsman games is now posted. Congratulations to Team 55
for bringing home the Silver Medal.
Oct 19:
More reports are in from the Huntsman games. Unfortuantly Team 70's run at the games are now over.
Team 55 had a great evening at the games and are now hoping to keep the momentum going into today's game.
Oct 18:
Due to the extra photos and information on the front page the site was starting to load very slow, so I have kept Team 70 and Team 55 on the front as their games are still active.
Results for Team 60 and Team 65 can be found by clicking on the links below:
Oct 17:
     More results for both Team 55 and Team 70 are now posted. Thanks to Kevin for the reports for Team 55 and Sherwin for Team 70 reports.
Also pictures have been added to Team 70, Team 60, and Team 55. Thanks to Harold for submitting these. 

Oct 15:
     Howard Gehring received his 15 year ring for attending the Huntsman games. Congratulations Howard.

Team 55 Huntsman Games 2018

Tournament  Banner
Team 55 Huntsman Games 2018
Tournament Notes:
Day one Report by Kevin Friesen
   Opening game Wednesday night Huff & Puffs lost a 25-12 decision to the Hawaii Islanders.  
Glen Stodolka went 2 for 3 with a grand slam.
In game two, the Huff & Puffs rebounded with a 16-8 win over Southern Oregon.  
Cal Mayer had a two run home run and Jim Stewart contributed with a three run shot.
John Engel went 3 for 3.  Kelly Lutz picked up the win.  
Medicine Hat closes out round robin play Thursday morning at 8:30 against Team Harsh.
Day Two Report by Kevin Friesen
The Huff & Puffs 55s closed out round robin play at the Huntsman Senior Games in
St. George with a 30-12 loss to Team Harsh from Southern California. The Huff & Puffs got
off to a quick start with a 5-1 lead after one inning before the California bats came alive.  
At the plate, Jim Stewart hit a pair of home runs, a two run and a three run shot. John Engel
and Dave Hammel also homered. Medicine Hat,1-2 in pool play will now wait and see what
bracket and when their game is scheduled.
1st Playoff Round Report by Kevin:
The Huff & Puffs 55s opened up the playoff round at the Huntsman Senior Games with a pair
of convincing wins on Thursday night.
In the first game, John Engel went 4 for 4 with two doubles as the Huff & Puffs defeated
Victoria, BC 17-12.
In the second game, Medicine Hat upended Edmonton Dirty Oil 25-13. John Engel again
went 4 for 4.  Cal Mayer and Brian Stonehouse each had three hits.  Kelly Lutz picked up the
wins in both games.  
The Huff & Puffs scored 42 runs without hitting a homerun.  They will now play Friday at
3:10. The Huff & Puffs are guaranteed at least a bronze medal and with a win Friday would
win no less than a silver and play for Gold Saturday.
2nd Playoff Round Report:
After scoring 42 runs in two games last night, the Huff & Puffs went silent today in their semi
final against the Gold Crushers from Northern California dropping a 12-9 decision.   
Royce Hopkins, Trent Rasch, and Cal Mayer had two hits for the Huff & Puffs who will now
play the winner of the Edmonton Dirty Oil and Lethbridge Old Dogs quarter final.
The Huff & Puffs guaranteed no worse than bronze play tomorrow morning at 8:30 and must
win 3 straight to win gold.
Final Playoff Round Report by Kevin Friesen
The Huff & Puffs 55s will come home with a silver medal.  
On the final day, the Huff & Puffs advanced to the gold medal game following a convincing 22-11
victory over Edmonton Dirty Oil. Jim Stewart hit a three run home run while Trent Rasch had three
hits and picked up the win.  Unfortunately in the gold medal contest, the Huff & Puffs we’re defeated
19-7 by the Gold Crushers from Northern California.  It is the second year in a row the 55s have
brought home silver finishing the tournament with a 4-4 record.  
A very special thanks to our terrific wives for their tremendous encouragement and support.
A big thanks to the 70s and their wives for being great cheerleaders. Also thanks to Annette Johnston
and Joanne Rasch for scorekeeping.  
Our 59s moving onto the 60s next year, John Engel, Glen Stodolka and Jeff Thompson. Jeff joined us
all week here in St. George and was an inspiration to all of us, it will be nice to see you in a uniform
next year Jeff!!!!   It was a great year and look forward to seeing everyone next season



Wed Oct 17

Team 55
Team 55
Southern Oregon
Thurs Oct 18

Team 55
Team Harsh
Team 55
Team 55
Fri Oct 19

Team 55
Gold Crushers
Sat Oct 20

Team 55
Edmonton Dirty Oil
Team 55
Gold Crushers

Team Roster

John Engel
Cal Mayer
Jim Stewart
Ed Tomlenovich
Dave Hammel
Leon Moch
Glen Stodolka

Royce Hopkins
Trent Rasch
Brian Stonehouse

Kevin Friesen - Coach
Kelly Lutz - Coach
Jeff Thompson - Coach

Team 70 Huntsman Games 2018

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Team 70 Huntsman Games 2018
Tournament Notes:
Day one Report by Sherwin:
   H&P 70's first game was against Ancient Rainiers from  Washington state.
This was the team that took the gold from us in 2017.
We played well but a Rainiers pitching change in the 4th inning shut us down and we lost
Highlight from the game was Gord Deibert going 4-4 at the plate and Ernie Ambrosi going
In our second game we faced Triple Play from Fresno, Calif.
We kept it close until the top of the 7th when the flood gate opened and Triple Play scored 10
runs. H&P lost 29-20.
Jim Noon went 3-3 at the plate.
Sherwin Lehman was a double short of the cycle with a single, triple and a Grand Slam i
n-the-park home run.
Report for Day 2 by Sherwin.
H&P faced the Salty Dogs from Salt Lake City.
We had a good start with 5 runs in the first but a few defensive errors allowed the Dogs to tie
it up in the 2nd.
Our offence and defence then went to work and H&P came away with a 24-15 victory.
In-the-park homers today came from Emerson Davies, Howard Gehring and Terry Tucker with 2.
In yesterday's report I failed to acknowledge an in-the-park homer by Gord Deibert in the first
hit of the first inning of the first game.
Batting a .1000 today were Lutz Perschon, Howard Gehring, Terry Tucker and Larry Lutz.
That completes pool play with a 1-2 record.
Day 3 Report by Sherwin:
H&P 70's were seeded to the A Black bracket.
Our first opponent was Simon's Seniors from Wisconsin who defeated us 16-9.
Of notable effort today were Gord Deibert and Larry Lutz with in-the-park homers and
Emerson Davies with 2 triples. Tomorrow's game is must win or go home. Stay tuned.
Day 4 Report from Sherwin:
This is the final report for H&P 70's as we are now out of the games.
Our opponents today were the Bandits from Toronto-Mississauga.
They scored at will and we were down 19-5 after 4 but there was no quit in the Huffers.
We scored 5 in the top of the 5th, 6th and 7th to lead 20-19 but the Bandits managed 2 runs in
the bottom to win 21-20.
Special thanks to Kandi Davies our scorekeeper, our wives who cheered us on, and the H&P
55's for their support.
Also thanks to our guys who gave it their best and Jim Black for his coaching.



Oct 15

Team 70
Ancient Rainers
Team 70
Triple Play
Oct 16

Team 70
Salty Dogs
Oct 17


Team 70
Simon’s Seniors
Oct 18

Team 70
Hewcor VS Bandits LXX