Welcome to the Medicine Hat Senior Ball 2023 Season Web Site

May 28:
Welcome to another week of great ball. Below is a couple of web site updates.     
  • This weeks daily schedule is now posted below. This week, is the first week of a full schedule of 3 games per night. Last weeks scores and Hi Lites have been moved to the right of the page.
  • The league information page has been updated dated. It contains links to updated pages of 
  • Life Members
  • Playing rules,
  • Constitution.  
  • Thanks to Kevin Friesen for submitting all the information.

May 7:
     Well the 2023 Season is here!
A few updates to the site as we prepare for the new season.
  • All 2022 season information can now be found under the past season tab located at the top of the page. 
  • The 2023 Season Schedule is also posted under the 2023 season schedule tab at the top of the page.  
  • Team pages have also been created and links are below.  As of now only team Reps and Coaches information is posted. These pages will get updated with more information when possible.
April 28:
     Morning practice is starting May 2 at 9:30AM.

Feb 22:
     Below is some updated information on the second 60's Team being added to the Saint George Utah Huntsman Senior Games.
  • Jim Phillips added a second team in the 60's plus Age Group,  Division "C",  for Saint George Utah Huntsman Senior Games. 
  • Registration for the Huntsman Games starts March 1st.
  • It is important that we get at least 8 people registered as soon as possible as they cut off teams after 150 teams have 8 people registered.
  • Players 60 years old and up (or turning 60 in 2023) are eligible to play. Open to everyone wanting to check out the St. George experience.
  •  The Huntsman Games are Monday October 9th to  Friday October 13th for the 60+  Softball. 
  • If you would like more information including the registration information, please contact Jim at jimreva@telusplanet.net or 403-548-4089

Aug 27:
Below is a note from the league
  • The Club has put together a "Rules Review Committee" made up of Darrell Bartman(chair) Royce Hopkins and Barry Koch. If you have questions about the present rules,suggestions for rule changes or clearer wording for present rules etc, please take the time to talk to one of these gentlemen. They will bring their recommendations to the Executive Meeting scheduled for October 25th.