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May 11:
     Team pictures have been added to the following team web pages. Elmer & Harold's, Emer's Boys, 
Paul Howe, Logo's Rebels, and Redi Recyclers. Thanks to Harold for submitting the photos.
Also below is a photo of Rod Sommerfeld being presented with a Life membership.

Feb 4:
     Below is a link to the AGM Meeting:
Jan 3:
     Well a new year is upon us, which means before you know it the 2019 ball season will be here.
Below is a couple of bullet points from the past AGM meeting.

1) League going to 70 foot basepaths from the 65
2) 1-1 Count will be used for entire season.
3) All bats will be tested prior to start of season

Also below is the 2019 registration form in both a word format or PDF format. The can be printed right from the link or downloaded.