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Sept 6:
     The fall ball schedule and teams are now posted. They can be found to the right of the page in the fall ball section.

Sept 1:
     Just as a quick note there are 2 more photo galleries for the August scramble.

Aug 18:
   The final results for Team 70 at the St Albert tournament are now posted. A team picture has also been added. Thanks to Emerson for submitting the scores and also the game hi lites.
Just click on the link below for all the information.
Aug 11:
     Happy Sunday everyone, just a few web updates:
-Team pics have been added to team pages 20/20, Rockers, and Schooners Pub. Thanks to Harold for submitting the photos.
- A photo gallery has been added in the photo section of some photos from Saturday's scramble. More will be added as I can get them posted.
- I have moved the field improvement pics and information to its own page. Can be found clicking the link below: