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Feb 4:
     Below is a link to the AGM Meeting:
Jan 3:
     Well a new year is upon us, which means before you know it the 2019 ball season will be here.
Below is a couple of bullet points from the past AGM meeting.

1) League going to 70 foot basepaths from the 65
2) 1-1 Count will be used for entire season.
3) All bats will be tested prior to start of season

Also below is the 2019 registration form in both a word format or PDF format. The can be printed right from the link or downloaded.

Oct 18:
Due to the extra photos and information on the front page the site was starting to load very slow, so I have kept Team 70 and Team 55 on the front as their games are still active.
Results for Team 60 and Team 65 can be found by clicking on the links below:

Oct 15:
     Howard Gehring received his 15 year ring for attending the Huntsman games. Congratulations Howard.