Welcome to the Medicine Hat Senior Ball 2021Season Web Site

Nov 23:
     Art Scott passed away this morning after a courageous battle with cancer. Art Scott was a long time member of the Medicine Hat Senior Slow Pitch.

Sept 21:
     Below is a report from Larry Biko of the Lethbridge end of the year tournament:

   "Huff n puff 65 went 3 and 1 at the tournament. The team that beat us got Merced the next time we played them. Everyone played very well considering we only had 11 players most off them limping around, but giving it everything they had. That is it for this year, have a great winter!"

Sept 17:
     For the remainder of the season, and as weather permits, the time for open practice has been moved from 9:30am to 1:30pm. The practice dates are as follow:
September 21,22,23,28,29,and 30.

Sept 7:
     Below is a link to the AGM minutes from the past meeting:
Sept 2:
     Below is the new executives for the next 2 years:
  • President - Jim Black
  • Vice President- Dave Hammel
  • Past President- Rick Parker
  • Treasurer - Norm Emann
  • Secretary- Kevin Friesen
  • Registrar - Grant MacKay
  • Activities- Darrell Maser
  • Facilities- Rick Parker
July 19:
     Below is a link to a photo of a pick up team that played in Fox Valley this past weekend.
The team placed 2nd out of 17 Teams. Thanks to Rick Parker for submitting the photo.