Welcome to the Medicine Hat Senior Ball 2023 Season Web Site

Sept 19:
     Below is a note from the League:
  • The Clubs's 1994 Polaris Quad has been put up for sale on Autotrader for $1200.00. It has been serviced recently and provided with a new battery. Relevant information can be found on Autotrader. Any questions please contact Jim black at 403-952-7496
Sept 14:
Below is a message from Jim Black:
  • The 2023 season is now officially over and on behalf of the Executive, I would like to thank all the members who volunteered their time to help make Lorne Holden a  true "Field Of Dreams" for so many of us! Have a safe winter and to the members going "Down South" may your hits be many and your errors few.
Sept 14:
Harvey played his last game in our league tonight
A picture of Harvey and his two boys Leon and Delvin.

Sept 13:
Below is a message from the league:
  • A special thanks to Ken Kallis and friends for the fresh paint job on the Lorne Holden sign above the score clock.  On the back of the sign, Ken has captured the feeling many of us have about the Lorne Holden Field. Next time you drive by take a look.
Sept 10:
Jim Black Receiving Life Time Membership
(Click On Image To Enlarge)

Sept 8:
     Below is a quick note from the league:
  • 2023 AGM will be held on Monday, December 11th, @ 6:30 p.m. Location, Medicine hat Curling Ring Lounge.
Sept 6:
     This weekends wind up scramble information is now available including the scramble Draw and also the teams. Below is the link
Thanks to Kevin Friesen for submitting the information.

Sept 5:
     There are now 4 Photo Galleries from the August Scramble ready for Viewing. The Galleries are located to the right of the web page.

Sept 3:
     Below is a note from League President Jim Black:
Fellow Club members, when you arrive at the diamond on September 4th, you will see the booth has been newly painted. Thanks goes out to Norm Emann, Gerard Hittle, Ken Kallis and Curtis Scherger for giving their time on a holiday long weekend to get the job done. Much appreciated!

Aug 28:
     The schedule and teams for the 2023 Fall Ball are now available.
All information can be found by clicking the links at the top of the page.
Thanks To Grant MacKay for submitting the information.

Aug 27:
     Below is a quick note from the league.
  • We have received a request from some of our more senior fans to increase the number of handicap parking spaces at the diamond. In response to this request, a new handicapped parking space has been assigned to the parking area on the west side of the diamond near the entry gate.

Aug 20:
Team 70+ With Gold Medal From 55+ Games

Aug 15:
     Below is a quick note from the league:
  • Starting Monday, August 21st ,the game clock will be changed to 50 minutes in order to preserve as much daylight for the late game as possible

June 27:
     Below is a quick League Note:
For all team representatives, coaches, and players the automatic external defibrillator is conveniently located in the shed were we park the quad. When you are down at the ballpark take the time to see where it is stored.

May 28:
 Below is a couple of web site updates.
Aug 27:
Below is a note from the league
  • The Club has put together a "Rules Review Committee" made up of Darrell Bartman(chair) Royce Hopkins and Barry Koch. If you have questions about the present rules,suggestions for rule changes or clearer wording for present rules etc, please take the time to talk to one of these gentlemen. They will bring their recommendations to the Executive Meeting scheduled for October 25th.