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Aug 1:
     2 more galleries have been added to the July scramble photo section.
Also this week schedule is posted below. 

July 25:
     Here is a report from Jamie White:
Our first full Scramble in a couple years was held Saturday, July 24th, and was a wonderful success. Beautiful day, hooking up with friends that we haven't had much contact with in a couple years, and just having a fun day. The food was excellent, thanks to Mike's Meats,  the music was a great addition, thanks to Robert Jensen and a quick interlude by Phillip Marleau and the ball games were a blast. We had about 85 guys play and about 120 or so for supper. All-in-all, good times, good visits, good friendships. Many thanks to the organizing committee: Elmer & Harolds, Darrell Bartman and Jim Black; Logos: Kerry Schentag and Larry Rudolph; Station Coffee: Trent Rasch and Wayne Miller, and Trackside; Blaine Lutz. And of course, all the guys that helped with the duties of the day, which is quite a bit, actually. Next Scramble, August 21st.

July 24:
     More team pics have been added to their web pages. These include Elmer & Harold's, Southside Wine and Whiskey, and Stewart Optical. Once again thanks to Harold for submitting the photos.

July 20:
     Team pics have been added to the following team pages:
Cross Town , Elements, Lakers , Logo's, Mavericks, Recyclers, Station Coffee, and Trackside IPA's.
Thanks to Harold for Taking, editing, and submitting the photos
     I have also created a gallery for displaying the photos all together also. This can be found in the photo section to the right of the page.
The images are hosted on my website for display purpose's only. 

July 19:
     Below is a link to a photo of a pick up team that played in Fox Valley this past weekend.
The team placed 2nd out of 17 Teams. Thanks to Rick Parker for submitting the photo.
July 3:
     Below is information on the 3 upcoming Scramble events:

     League Scrambles, work and dates schedule. 

Scramble August 21

Coordinator. Team 5 -  WINE N WHISKEY. 

Workers, Team 6-Red Sox, Team 7-Redi,  Team 8-Elements. 

Wind-up Scramble September 11

Coordinator. Team 9 - MAVERICKS. 

Workers, Team 10-Garage, Team 11-Optical, Team 12-Lakers.

Coordinators responsible:

Meals, beverages, set-up, cleanup, diamond details, and worker scheduling. 

Problem solving is a MUST.

Nov 25:

     The executive has posted a proposed Constitution

Below is a link to the proposed Constitution.