Team 55 Huntsman Tournament {2012}

St. George{Huntsman} Tournament Team 55
Tournament Hi-Lites:

Final Report From Randy Biko/Jamie White:

The young Puffs started very well in the seeded event winning the first 2 games. Jim Fink started it with his hitting and his blazing speed , beating out 2 infield singles. Glen Smeby and Randy Biko contributed with home runs and Tim Sietz had 4 doubles. Harv, Derry, Brian, Bert, Jamie, Tim, Glen , Jim L, Jim F and Randy had the bats working. The team speed turning singles into doubles was a major factor in these victories. Randy Biko helped also turning doubles into singles. A special thanks for Mike Ferre for being his designated runner. He is one fast guy, but needed some oxygen at the end of the game. The teams we beat were from Calgary and St. Albert. They never stood a chance, as we were fired up and had a cheering sections that was 2nd-to-none!!

Day 2 of seeded event

We sucked !!! Couldn't seem to get the bats going at the right time. Down 17/8 against Alaska in the seventh inning, the Puffs came to life scoring 9 runs to tie the game but lost in the bottom of the inning. We tied the game with a touchdown and field goal in the top of the 7th, but they only had to score 1 run in the bottom of the 7th to win. Alaska started with a lead off triple and Glen put the next 2 men on base with deliberate walks to load the bases. 2 outs and bases still loaded. Harvey was seeing light at the end of the rainbow. Outfield hit and game over. Alaska was doing cart wheels this time.
Nanaimo up next:: we should of beat this team, but we basically got the $#it kicked out of us! We like the color of bronze better!! Not lots of hi-lites to talk about. We were all poopy!! But --- win or lose --- lets have a cold beer. Had fun with a Calgary & California team after our games that were medallists in the B +55 division. We had played these 2 teams last year, so its not all about the wins & losses -- it's the people you meet.
Definitely a team we should of beat but came up flat. The xl beef man pounded 1 out. Final 23/ 15
We won the bronze medal...
A special thanks to seventies for their support. We felt like we had home field advantage, and they gave us lots of inspiration with their silver medals around their necks. Congratulations guys. You represented us well.

Day 3:
Report from Randy Biko/Jamie White

Another close match. Same team the young puffers lost to in the Lethbridge tournament finals,Edmonton Vipers. Back and forth as usual. Exciting game to watch. 5 fence clearing home runs. Thankful for Derry Ersemen eating tainted xl beef with excessive growth hormones. He was a little tight raging bull today slamming 2 out of park home runs. Tim Sietz also contributed with a fence clearing dinger and 2 doubles. Jim Fink had 3 singles and the clean up spot had a double and 2 singles. Bert
Herman,Glen Smeby, Jamie White and Jim Larson also had a couple hits.The Vipers came up with a substantial lead after hitting in the final inning and scoring 7 runs. Score 22/12 Stewart Johnson and the baby puffers coming to bat scoring a quick 6 with zero out. 2 out, man on third and score 22/21 for the vipers. Now this is getting exciting
Ouch: $h(#cKs Game over Line drive Final 22/21 Vipers
The Puffs are looking forward to be seeded and putting in a good show tomorrow

Day 2:
Report from Randy Biko/Jamie White

Our next opponent, what we thought were a rag-tag bunch of copper miners from Salt Lake City, but hold-the-phone here for a minute. these guys are good, as they say in golf !!!
Another great game. Harvey Buye, Larry Biko and Jamie White kept their perfect hitting streaks going. Harv hit a deep double and single. Jamie had a single and with his wheels turned a homerun into a triple, thanks to Derry Ersemen' s 3rd base coaching. Our clean up hitter finally woke up after some stance tips from Eric and Bert and had a double and 2 singles. The Puffs went into their final bats trailing 12-10, but scored 3 for a 13/12 win. The beer seemed to taste better with a victory. The copper miners turned out to be gracious losers as we did cart-wheels down the 1st and 3rd base lines.

Day 1:
Report from Randy Biko/Jamie White

For the Jr Puffers against our friends from the north, Anchorage, Alaska.
It was a very close game throughout. Score even at 15 each after regulation. The Jr's scored 4 in the extra inning but Alaska put a 5 spot up to squeak out a 20-19 win. Great game. Our clean-up hitter let us down going 0 for 4 at the plate with a strike out - looking, if you can imagine. He did supply the team with a 36 cans of beer but used team funds to purchase them. I saved myself a few bucks.
Harv Buye, Glen Smeby, Jamie White and Jim Fink all great games going 3 for 3 at the plate, all singles.Bert Herman had 2 singles and a double. Brian Hoffner , Mike Ferre, Larry Biko also had 2 hits.

  Time Team Score Team Score
Oct Game 1 Med Hat 55’s 19 vs Anchorage Alaska 20
Game 2 Med Hat 55’s 13 vs Salt Lake City 12
Game 3 Med Hat 55’s 21 vs Edmonton Vipers 22
55  Bronze 2012 Hunts