Mesquite Tournament Team 65

Mesquite Tournament Team 65
Tournament Hi-Lites:
Oct 6:
Day Two report from Bob Charette:

Game 4 - 8:00 a.m. vs Woodland Hitting Club, Florida

Score - Florida 23 - Huff & Puff's 19

The first game of the day saw the H & Ps up against a very good hitting team but stuck with them the whole way except for the open inning where we came up short . The outfielders produced some very good defensive work against a tough sun. Some good hitting by Dave Shauf with a double driving in two runs and an inside the park homer for Keith. Gord D had a three run triple with Rod and Gord Nutley both having big RBI hits as well.

Game 5 - 9:10 a.m. vs Calgary Stingers

Score - Huff & Puffs 13 - Calgary Stingers 1 (mercy after 5 innings)

Our first playoff game saw us playing the Stingers again and we had our offence going. Honourable mention to the defence as well turning two double plays.

Game 6 - 10:30 a.m. vs Edmonton White Socks

Score - White Sox 19 - Huff & Puffs 12

Our third game of the day all back to back saw the H & Ps playing well but starting to feel the heat. Gord D had two triples with 5 RBIs and a triple to Lutz P as well. Some good fielding from Gord N. A good effort by the boys but the Sox are a real good hitting team that wore us down.

That is it for Mesquite this year and will now move to St George for the games. Stay tuned.

Oct 5:
Day One Report from Bob Charette:
In the first game it was the Edmonton White Sox 25 and the Huff & Puffs 19. It was a close game throughout with the score tied at the end of 5 inning 15 - 15. In the tie breaker the White Sox bats came alive for ten runs while the H & Ps could only muster 4 runs.

In the Second it was the Huff and Puffs 20 and the Calgary Stingers 3 for a mercy rule after 4 innings. Highlights included a three run homer by Rod and an inside the park Gland Slam for Bob, All bats were going well.

In the third we played the Physio Motion from Fresno, Cal and were mercied after 5 innings 20 to 10. Their bats were going real well and us not so much. Highlights were a triple for Rod in the first inning.

We are up for two more games tomorrow and maybe three if we win the right ones.

  Time Team Score Team Score
Fri - 5 8:00am Med Hat 65’s 19 vs St. Albert White Sox 25
9:10am Med Hat 65’s 20 vs Calgary Stingers 3
11:30am Med Hat 65’s 10 vs Physimotion 20
Sat - 6            
8:00am Med Hat 65’s 19 vs Woodlawn Hitting Club 23
  9:10am Med Hat 65’s 13 vs Calgary Stingers 1
  10:30am Med Hat 65’s 12 vs Edmonton White Socks 19