MHSSP League Constitution


Constitution - Adopted December 10, 2020


We, the members of this organization, in order to promote and encourage participation in Senior Men's Slowpitch, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the governance of our association. The Association shall , in accordance with all general business matters, follow the guidelines under the Robert's Rules of Order.


The name of this organization shall be the Medicine Hat Senior Men's Slowpitch Association, hereafter referred to as the Association.

The officers of the Association shall form the Executive Board of the Association and hereafter referred to as the Executive.


The purpose of the Association is to promote and encourage all senior aged men, 55 and over, to participate in senior men's slowpitch. The Association under the direction of the Executive shall put forth, implement and control policy and procedures as a guidance to the business matters and day to day operations of the Association.


The general body of the Association will be composed of any member, paid in full for the current season. The privileges and responsibilities of all members of the Association shall be to follow all policies and procedures put forth by the Association and its Executive. Membership shall be open to any male participant aged 55 and over regardless of creed, race, color, sexual orientation, disability and national origin. This list is not exhaustive.

Any member may be removed from the Association, at any time for failure to abide by the policies and procedures put forth by the Association and its Executive.  A member will be expelled from the Association with a notice of motion and a seconder forwarded to the Executive. A two-thirds (6 votes) vote from the Executive is required to expel any member from the Association.  


A majority of the Executive shall constitute a quorum to transact any business and Association matters. A majority of those voting shall constitute an affirmative vote of the Executive. Each officer shall be entitled to one vote and the vote of the majority of the Executive at any meeting at which there is a declared quorum shall be sufficient to transact business.

It is the right of the President to call a meeting of the Executive at his discretion. Consideration shall be given to circumstances that assure a majority of the Executive is available to constitute a quorum.

No financial matters or policy and procedures shall be passed without a quorum present for a vote at any Executive meeting.

All officers of the Executive shall be nominated and approved at the Association's Annual General Meeting to be held annually prior to December 31st of that year. 

Any current member in good standing is eligible to serve on the Executive. Terms for all officers is for two years.

An Executive officer, for any reason, who cannot serve their two year term to the full extent, will be replaced on the Executive from a nomination of any current member in good standing on a recommendation of the President. The Executive in a majority vote shall approve the nomination. The successful replacement shall only serve the remainder of the term being filled.

The executive on a yearly basis shall approve all Team Reps/Coaches, with a maximum of two representatives per team.


The Executive of the Association shall be composed of the following officers along with their respective general duties and responsibilities.


- Oversees the general day to day operations of the Association. 

- Can call for an Executive meeting anytime at his discretion. The president will serve as the Chairman of the Executive meetings.

- Will chair the Association's Annual General Meeting.

- May designate, at his discretion, any necessary sub committees that may benefit the needs of the Association.

Past President

- Will assist the president in any day to day operation matters of the Association.

- When necessary, will recruit and encourage current members in good standing to accept a nomination and serve on the Executive.

Vice President 

- Will assist the president with any day to day operational matters of the Association.

- Will act as at the head of the Concession operations for the Association.


- Provide a complete update of all Association financial matters at all Executive meetings.

- Present an audited financial year-end statement to the Association along with an annual budget for approval at the Annual General Meeting.

- Maintain an accurate and up to date set of accounting records of the Associations financial records that are available to the executive upon request.

- Deposits and bill payments must be made promptly. Cheques will require two signatures of the following executive members - President, Vice President and Treasurer.

- Coordinate and organize fundraising AGLC casinos for the Association.


- Record minutes at all Executive meetings and distribute those minutes to all members of the Executive in a timely manner.

- Will provide a schedule of games, in accordance with Executive policy,  for the Association annually.

- Responsible for the content and production of the Player Handbook.

- To act as the liaison between the Executive and Team Reps and Coaches

Facilities Director

- To ensure the field is safe and playable for all Association events (Exhibition games, league games, practices, etc.).

- To manage the day to day operations of Lorne Holden Field within the parameters set by the Executive.


- Implement all extra curricular activities related to the Association. These may include, all scrambles, golf tournaments, banquets and any other events deemed acceptable by the Executive.


- Receive and process all player registrations on an annual basis. Provide an accurate and updated list of all player registrations to the Executive when necessary.


Any Standing Committees may be designated and dissolved by the president at any time. The president shall inform the Executive of the implementation of any standing committee(s) deemed necessary to fulfill any needs of the Association.

All standing committees will follow the procedures put forth by the Executive.

Any current member, in good standing with the Association may serve on a standing committee.


Bylaws of the Association shall be established and / or amended by the powers of the Association and its general membership at the Annual General Meeting . The procedures of creating and / or amending any Association bylaws shall be conducted only at the Annual General Meeting . Bylaws may be passed or amended by a two-thirds (66%) majority vote of the general membership at the Annual General Meeting. 

A notice of motion and seconder  to create and / or amend any bylaw in this constitution must be received prior to the Annual General Meeting. 

Bylaws should not contradict anything set forth in the Constitution. 


The annual general meeting shall be called by the president no later than December 31st of the current year.

Executive members will present a written year end report of their respective duties and responsibilities.

When Executive positions are vacant, nominations will be received at the Annual General Meeting. The president or his designate, will call for nominations from the floor. Three calls for nomination are necessary. If at that time, only one nomination is presented, no vote will be required and the candidate will be declared elected through acclamation.

With a motion and a seconder, by any two current members in good standing with the Association, and in a vote of the majority, the annual player registration fees will be determined at the Annual General Meeting.

A motion by the treasurer or his designate, with a seconder will present an audited financial statement which at that time will be voted for acceptance with a majority from the attending members in good standing with the Association.

Any financial consideration for any amount exceeding $5,000 must be served with a Notice of Motion and a seconder only at the Annual General Meeting. The matter will be resolved with a majority of the vote from any present members in good standing with the Association.

Note - If for any reason a financial request for over $5,000 is required and it is not possible to vote at the Annual General Meeting, the Executive has the power to accept the request with a vote of two-thirds of the Executive.

No other matters of business will be decided at an Annual General Meeting without the prior Notice of Motion and a seconder.


Questions concerning the interpretation of this constitution shall be decided by current standing Executive.

Any questions or concerns of an interpretation of this document may be directed to the Executive for explanation.