Airdrie 65 Average tournament {2011}

Sept 11:
The Airdrie Tournament has come to a close.
Team Huff n Puff dropped both of their games, each by only one run. They started the day off with one run loss to Calgary Cubs and then lost the second game in the 7th inning by a 4 – 3 score.
Team Marauders had a great Sunday as they started the day with a win over the GoodTimers, in which Randy Deminick hitting a home run. they followed that up with a win over Calgary that ended with a bizarre double play. The Marauders ended the tournament with a 3 – 1 record.
Sept 10:
The Huff n Puff started the day with a victory over Edmonton 9-6. Team Huff n Puff did not have to bat in the bottom of the 7th as the defense held fast. They lost the second game to Turner Valley 10 – 11 in extra innings. In game one Warren Schafer and Derry Eresman had homeruns. In game two Derry Eresman hit another home run.
Team 2, the Marauders, also started the tournament with a strong win over Calgary 9 – 2. Dennis Young had a home run in the game. They came up short in the second game losing by one run to Saskatoon.
65AA Huff n Puff Schedule and Results
  Team Score Team Score
1:30pm Huff n Puff 9 vs Edmonton Whites 6
3:00pm Huff n Puff 10 vs Turner Valley 11
9:00am Huff n Puff 9 vs Calgary Cubs 10
Huff n Puff 3 vs GoodTimers 4
65AA Marauders Schedule and Results    
  Team Score   Team Score
Marauders 19 vs Calgary Wildrose 2
  Marauders 9 vs Saskatoon 10
Marauders 7 vs GoodTimers 1
  Marauders 20 vs Calgary Cubs 17