Team 60 Mesquite Tournament 2019

Tournament  Banner
Front row L-R
Jim Cooper, Jim Larson, Kerry Schentag, Kevin Sauer, Trent Rasch, Dery Eresman, Mike Ferre

Back Row L-R
Jamie White, Wayne Miller, Darrell Maser, Brian Stonehouse, Tim Seitz, Jim Fink, Dean Roy, 
Larry Rudolph
Team 60 Mesquite Tournament 2019
Tournament Notes:
Day One:
     The Medicine Hat Nissan Huff & Puff’s 60+ just finished our pre-Huntsman Games
 tournament at Mesquite with a very successful Sunday. 
Saturday- not quite as good. 
We started the tournament an early 8AM by getting thrashed, 30-7 by the Kelowna Ogopogos. 
We then lost  2 close games to a team from Oregon and a team from the LA area, each by 1
We were a little right for these games, but got better each time out.

Day Two
  Sunday morning, we started again at 8AM, and beat the Desert Bats from AZ and the
Mountain Men from Salt Lake City, winning both by 5 runs or more. 
I can’t remember the exact scores, but all the teams were AAA teams, except for Kelowna,
so we did pretty good. Sunday was a great day for us, both defensively and at the bats. 
The highlight of our second game was a grand slam by Tim Seitz, which helped us seal the
deal. Our outfielders were busy, and they all played great.