Team 65 St. George/Huntsman Tournament{2011}

Team 65 St. George/Huntsman Tournament
Tournament Summary
Oct 8:
The Medicine Hat Senior Slow Pitch League would like to give a big thank you to both Bob and Karen Charette for submitting scores and also team play of Team 65. Their break down of the days events , both the good plays and the tough ones, had the league well informed of the tournament day to day action.
Oct 6:
Team 65 lost to the Oregon Roadrunners this morning ending their tournament play at Huntsman. After a rain delay this morning Team 65 could not get things going offensively. The whole team put in a great effort, but it was not meant to be today.
Team 65 should keep their heads high on their way back to Medicine Hat as once again they had a terrific tournament and proudly represented Medicine Hat.
Oct 5:
Day 3 of the Huntsman tournament is over and once again Team 65 had a great day going 1 – 1 on the day.
In game 1 Team 65 offense had a slow start to the game as the team had a bit of the jitters starting the play off round. Though the team started to come around as the game went on, they fell to the Silver Eagles by a score of 12 – 9.
In game 2 the offense had a much better game as Sherwin started the game with a double followed by triples from Keith and Bob. This lead to a 5 run first inning. Terry Pederson lead the charge in Team 65’s next bat for another 5 run inning. Minnesota kept it close all game though as Team 65 came away with a 21 – 16 victory to stay alive in the tournament.
Team 65’s next game is Thursday at 8:30am.
Oct 4:
Team 65 had a great second day at the Huntsman Tournament.
In game one they had an offensive explosion as they scored 27 runs while holding Mr. Bees to 7 runs. In the opening inning Team 65 scored 10 runs while holding the opposition off the scored board. Sherwin hit an in the park home run and Gord M went 4 – 4 at the plate.
In game 2 Team 65 was in a slugfest with the Blues, but were able to come away with a 2 run victory. Sherwin kept the hot bat going as he hit another in the park home run along with additional 2 hits. Keith went 4 – 4 and Bob, Len, and Harold all went 3 – 4.
The championship round starts on Wednesday, with Team 65 being in the “B” division.
Oct 3
Team 65 started the tournament with a loss to Oregon. Offensively the team did well, with Keith going 4 for 4 and Sherwin 3 for 4. Collectively the team struggled defensively, which in the end lead to the loss.
In game 2 Team 65 played an older team in the Salty Dogs. In this game Keith had 3 hits while Bob hit a home run. Defensively the team was able to pull together and make some great plays that helped them to the win.
65 Huff n Puff Schedule and Results
  Team Score   Team Score
Mon Oct 3:          
8:30 65 Huff n Puff 13 vs. Oregon Roadrunners 19
9:50 65 Huff n Puff 17 vs. Salty Dogs 1
Tues Oct 4:          
  65 Huff n Puff 27 vs. Mr. Bees Stingers 7
  65 Huff n Puff 21 vs. Sacramento Blues 19
Wed Oct 5:          
  65 Huff n Puff 9 vs. Salt Lake Silver Eagles 12
  65 Huff n Puff 21 vs. Steve & Bob’s Minnesota 16
Wed Oct 6:          
8:30 65 Huff n Puff 3 vs Oregon Roadrunners 15
Team 65 Picture
Back Row:
Elaine Roden David
Front Row: