Team 60 St George/Huntsman Tournament{2011}

Tournament Summary
Team 60 was one win away from qualifying for the Medal rounds. Their loss to the St. Albert Buzzards ended their tournament.
Tom Corboy had 3 home runs,and Randy D hit a homerun and also an in the park home run. Gary Friesen had an in the park home run, while Keith Bender hit one over the fence to record his home run.
Team 60 Schedule and Results:
Team Score Team Score
60Huff N Puff 8 vs O.P Miller 20
60Huff N Puff 13 vs Ancient Rainer's 22
60Huff N Puff 21 vs Wasatch Thunder 11
60Huff N Puff 14 vs Wenatchee Merchants 15
60Huff N Puff 16 vs Boise Broncos 11
  60Huff N Puff 23 vs G V Legends 11
60Huff N Puff 9 vs St. Albert Buzzards 20