Team 55 St. George/Huntsman Tournament{2011}

Tournament Summary:
Oct 18:

Tournament is complete and we had a few injured players that I wanted to note on the slow-pitch website. Stu Johnson was one who we missed with his speed and hitting for a 1 1/2 games. Harvey Buye, best hitter we had, until a shoulder injury. Still managed to use his wheels running the bases for the Bikos and others. Jamie White also went down with a hamstring pull. He could hardly walk or run but his base running speed was still the same. I'm not sure how he ever hit an inside the park homerun. I think the fielder where he hit the ball had a hamstring injury or 1 leg. Anyway I believe with these players in our line-up and less balls lost in the sun, the huff and puffs would of beat both teams in the playoff round.

Oct 14:

Game 3 vs Calgary. Once again, Mel Snyder was a wrecking crew. Hitting 2 homeruns, 1 over and the other inside. Jamie White also limped around the bases for an inside the park homerun. Randy Biko had 3 hits and Glen Smeeby 2. Fantastic running bye our speedsters Derry Ersemen, Brian Hoffner, Mel Snyder sealed a 17/16 come from behind victory

Game 4. Playoff vs Calgary Buds
Brian Hoffner had 4 hits, Derry Ersemen and Larry Biko 3. Unfortunately the sun and loss of vision for fielding balls was the deciding factor in our 21/17 loss

Game 5 Vs Vancouver Ehs
Fantastic speed by our pick up from the 60 H & P team, Tom Corboy had back to back inside the park homeruns and a single. Mel Snyder kept his hitting streak going with 4 hits. Off course ,1 out of park homerun. Our California pickup hit 2 out of park and
Randy Biko 1. Glen Smeeby, Ron Ellis, and Larry Biko also had 3 hits . Out homering our opponents 6 to 0 still resulting in a 22/21 loss. Randy and Mel would like to thank Stan Aberle for the use of his ultra. Dynamite Mel Snyder was my MVP pick.
We had a great tournament and most can't wait until next year.

I would like to thank the board members, coaches and players for all the work that went into a great year
Randy Biko

Oct: 12

Game 1 vs Paso Robles

Huff N Puffs played 2 games today at the Huntsmen Sr Games in St George Utah. 1st game was a defeat at the hands of Paso Robles from central California. Ron Ellis, Harvey Buye, and Derry Eresman had 2 hits each in a losing cause. The opposition hit the ball very well and killed us with seeing eye singles and very well placed line drives. The Huff n Puffs had a case of the nerves and didn’t hit the ball to their capability. Final score was 15-3 with the mercy rule in effect in the 6th inning. Glen Smeby was the losing pitcher, and we found that he is too short.

Game 2 vs Anchorage, Alaska.

Game 2 was a better result, as our bats came alive and our base running was excellent. Harvey Buye again was the dominant force at the plate, going 2 for 3. Brian Hoffner, Gary Lemer (import from Burnaby), Randy Biko and Ron Ellis all had 2 hits. Mel Schneider, being the fleet footed insurance salesman that he is, hit a inside the park homerun, and there was no one more surprised than him. In fact, he almost decided to start drinking after that.

Barry, our California import, also had a home run, but he did it the old fashioned way, he hit it over the fence. We started out very strong at the plate, and scored 5 runs at the plate for the 1st 3 innings, but then began to get a little sloppy in the defensive game. Going into the bottom of the 6th, which became the last inning because of the time restraint rule, we found ourselves trailing 22-19. Then a seeing-eye single by Barry scored 3 runs to tie the game with excellent base running and speed. We capitalized on some slow defense. We then scored the winning run with some timely hitting with 2 out, and, again, hit a good, solid single to drive in the winning run. Game over.

Next game for the 55+ Huff N Puffs is against a Calgary team at 10 AM. We celebrated with some good, cold American Bud Lite and a couple of us decided to have a few cigars. Cheers everyone. The weather was beautiful and we wish you were here. CHEERS!

Randy Biko and Jamie White

Team 55 Schedule and Results:
  Team Score   Team Score
Wed Oct 12          
1:50 55 Huff N Puff 3 vs Paso Robles Roll Off 15
3:10 55 Huff N Puff 23 vs Anchorage Glacier Kings 22
Thurs Oct 13
9:50 55 Huff N Puff 17 vs Good Times 55 16
Fri Oct 14          
  55 Huff N Puff 17 vs Calgary Buds 21
  55 Huff N Puff 21 vs Vancouver Ehs 22