Team 70 St George/Huntsman Tournament{2011}

Team 70 St George/Huntsman Tournament:
Tournament Summary:
Oct 13:
Tom Esler Reports:
Hi Folks: We're done. We lost 20 to 7 to the Patriots who were a very good hitting team. Also, as the score indicates, our bats were not that active. This was the 1st Trip to the Huntsman for a Medicine Hat 70's and the overall performance was good . Let's hope we can get enough players interested to bring another team next year. cheers. Tom Esler
Oct 12:
Tom Esler Reports:
“HI folks: We played at 9:10 against the Northwest Classic and we lost 13 to 3. However we only played 1/2 a game. After 2 Innings the "Official " score keeper and Ann Porsch noticed that the opposition ( apparently ) batted out of order so the game was halted to sort out the problem. Please note the clock does not stop while they sort out the problem.
What actually happen is that after the team list was handed in the opposition decide to switch two shirt do to a size problem and they advised the "Official " Score keeper. But before the game started they decide not to switch shirts but failed to advise the " official " score keeper. This incident took 20 min off the clock so we ended up only playing 4 innings.
We ask the Umpire to default the game but she would not as they did not bat out of order according to the names on the batting order only a number mix-up.
On the positive side Al Longworth is batting great and was 2 for 3 but he is still injured and can only bat. cheers. Tom Esler”

Tom Esler Second Report:
“Hi Folks: Since we lost our first game we had to play back to back. this time our opposition was Calgary. They too had a lost so the loser goes home. We won 14 to 13 so we get to play again tomorrow at 8:30 but at this writing we do not know our opposition yet. It was a see saw game and Eddie Moss made an excellent catch on a line drive , that would have been a Game winner for Calgary had he not made the catch. Again Al Longworth was 3 for 3; Don Badger ( pickup from Edm ) was 3 for 3 and Harry Zeller was 2 for 3. Mel durr hit an opposite field double to score the 13th and 14th runs which turn out to be the winner.
We play at 8:30 am tomorrow and it is a MUST win game. cheers. Tom Esler”
Oct 11:
Team 70 only played the one game today in extremely warm conditions. they had to go against a very powerful team from California. Though they lost scoring just the 10 runs, the team felt they were still hitting the ball very well. Howard Gehring is rolling along with 9 hits in his last 9 at bats. He had a home run and 2 triples today.
Team 70 play at 9:50 on Wednesday against the Patriots, which they beat earlier on in the tournament. With a win they will play again on Thursday, but a loss will have them playing a second game on Wednesday.
Oct 10:
Team 70 went 1 – 1 to start the tournament.
In game 1 Howard Gehring went 3 for 3 with one hit being an in the park home run, Harry Zeller also had an in the park home run, and Al Longsworth was 2 for 2.
In game 2 Both Howard Gehring and Mel Durr went 3 for 3, but too many errors and a last bat rally that came up short, cost Team 70 the game.

Team 70 Schedule and Results:
  Team Score Team Score
Mon Oct 10          
3:10 70 Huff N Puff 10 vs Porterville Patriots 3
4:30 70 Huff N Puff 12 vs Humbolt Classics 14
Tues Oct 11
12:30pm 70 Huff N Puff 10 vs Big Valley 70’s 30
Wed Oct 12          
70 Huff n Puff 3 vs Porterville Patriots 13
  70 Huff N Puff 14 vs Calgary 13
Thurs 13          
8:30 70 Huff N Puff 7 vs Patriots 20