Huntsman Team 55

Team 55

Team 55 With Cheerleaders

Final Report
     As the old Jim Stafford lyrics go, “All good things come to an end, just like the Wildwood Weed”. And the way the week went maybe we should have tried more of the wacky stuff. Friday night had the Puffers face the boys from even farther north than Alberta, the Residential Mortgage boys from Alaska. In this sudden death playoff game, The Gas City crew came out hot and were up 10-4 early. But as the game progressed the gremlins stole the bats out of the Puffers dugout. The defense was once again strong but when you don’t hit in this crazy game called slow pitch the out come is inevitable. The outcome was a big fat “L”. Alaska 13 Huffers 12. 
     Although the weeks outcome wasn’t what was drawn up on the whiteboard before everyone left the Hat, it was an enjoyable week. Lots of laughs, some upside down smiles on faces after games and some aches & pains that now need to be healed up by May and spring training. The fun enjoyable tourney is a tribute to the great group of guys and our supporting cast in the bleachers. The only time our brides turned their backs on us was when Jose “Bash Brother” was playing on the diamond behind us. He was more interesting to watch apparently.....and I don’t blame them. 😊

Another great trip south and the planning commission is already working on 2023.
Report By Gerard Hittel

Day Two Report
What can we say about day 2? First of all 2 good things:
     (A) No one got hurt
     (B) Huggy found his rental car keys after losing them in a garbage can so crisis averted 😊

The ball? Not so good☹. Started the day out against the PX40/40 major level team from Las Vegas. It was the last round robin game so really didn’t mean much. BUT, it was a fun entertaining game against the pros. Huffers stuck with them for the most part but ended up on the short end of the bat 22-13. The Huffers were proud though to hold former major league “Bash Brother” Jose Canseco to only 2 hits in 5 at bats. After the contest he kindly obliged to pics and this pitcher had a good chat with him which was interesting.
     Now on to the first playoff game Thursday night against a squad from Bismarck North Dakota that claimed to be an “AA” team. The Medicine Hat squad came out hot in the top of the first scoring the limit 5 runs. But before the fans even had their popcorn and were in their seats it was 5-5. Then 10-5, then blah blah blah blah. These guys obviously are closer to a “majors team”. They scored at will and in my opinion hit better than Canseco’s Vegas squad. It was a learning experience for the team from Lorne Holden and the final score ended up 22-11. The good news was that we were still in spirits to drink cold American beer in the gazebo by diamond 7, something the organizers said they missed the last few COVID years. The director mentioned many times the games just aren’t the same without you “Hard Core Canadian Beer Tailgating Drinkers”.
     Next action is Friday at 4:30 in a must win game against “Residential Mortgage”. It’s time to see what the Huffers are made of.
Report By Gerard Hittel

Day One Report:
     The 55’s came out flying in their first game against the “AAA” Ram Power squad from Toronto. I’m not sure if the water is different here or the “Coors Original” has some special hops in it but the Huffers scored 3 in the first, 5 in the second and 4 in the third to route the boys from eastern Canada 23-8. It was certainly a team effort between the bats being hot on offence and the gloves sizzling on defense. Unfortunately the second game was a little more sluggish. Between the highs of the first game and the 32 deg c highs, the boys struggled early but came on in the later part of the game. Sadly they still came up short. Final score: Northern California Fully Loaded 55’s 17 Huff n Puffs 13. Apparently the fully loaded boys stayed away from the Fireball as they played a solid game.

     Next action and final game of the round robin is before breakfast Thursday morning against Jose Canseco and the PX 40/40 squad. Hopefully one of the Huff n Puffer’s doesn’t deflect a shot off the top of their head and over the fence.
Report by Gerard Hittel

Tournament Preview Report
     After some successful ball from some of the older more experienced Huff n Puffers down here in the sunny skies of Utah, it’s time for the “Young Guys” turn. 
     All 13 made it here safe and sound. Some by air, some by the long journey on the I15, but everyone is raring to go. The goal is to stay out of urgent care the first couple of days although there was some close calls at practice yesterday 😊
     Although the Huff n Puffs entered the “AA” category they were placed in the top pool with 3 other teams that are “AAA” or higher. It should be a good learning experience if nothing else. They start off Wednesday afternoon at 3:10 against the high flying “Rampower Systems 55” then go right back on the field against “Fully Loaded 55”. (Hopefully they are fully loaded with Fireball and not fully loaded with home run hitters). The third and final round robin game is Thursday morning at 8:30 against “PX 40/40”. Hopefully some of the Huff n Puffers that really aren’t morning people can get the sandman out of their eyes by then. That will round out pool play with the first playoff game going as early as Thursday evening at 6. Stay tuned and cross your fingers everyone stays healthy.
Report By Gerard Hittel