Team 60+ Huntsman Games

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Team 60 Huntsman Games

Tournament Notes:
Day One Report From Jamie White:
     The Medicine Hat Nissan Huff & Puff’s +60’s finished Day 1 at the Huntsman 1-1. 
We beat the Edmonton Silverbacks 16-14 in a really good game. We were 16-13 in the bottom 
half of the open inning, and held them to one run to secure the win. 
Started the game strong with a 5 run first inning and never relinquished the lead the entire game. 
Very good defense and our bats were solid. 
Brian Stonehouse was the winning pitcher. 
     Second game we lost to the Alaska Kings16-8. 
They have a solid team and deserved the victory. We were under the lights for this 7:00 game, 
and it’s a little tougher for our outfielders in that environment. There’s a lot to room out there, and 
lots of ground to cover with no rover in this division. 
We seemed to hit into quite a few double plays that were actually hard hit ground balls. 
Some games, those hits find a hole for singles or doubles, some games, they are easy double 
plays if they are right at the SS or 2nd baseman. 
That’s just the way it goes sometimes. Dean Roy was solid on the mound. 
We have nothing to be ashamed of after Day 1. 
Everyone played, everyone sat, everyone batted. A few aches and pains, but nothing serious. 
     Our 65’s are 2-0 and the 74’s are 1-1, so the Hat squads showed well the first day. 
Good work guys. All the teams in our 60’s bracket are 1-1, so we in in the thick of things. 
Looking forward to tomorrow and the warm sun is shining. Good luck to all tomorrow.

Day Two Report From Jamie White
     The Medicine Hat Nissan Huff & Puffs +60’s lost our one game today to the Hawaii Hanapaa team, 16-10. 
     We had a pretty good game, but couldn’t score the go-ahead runs in the 5th and open innings 
when we needed them. 
So we end up 1-2 in pool play, which may be alright for us.  Waiting to see where we end up for 
the playoffs, starting tomorrow. 
The 65’s are doing great, 3-0 and the 74’s are 1-2, like us. A whole new ballgame tomorrow. Time 
to step on the gas.

Day Three Report from Jamie White
     Today was a good day for the Medicine Hat Nissan Huff & Puffs +60’s in the playoff round. 
We beat Nanaimo Silverstreaks, 19-11 in the first game. Trent Rasch was the winning pitcher and
we played really well defensively. 

     The second game, we played Mayhem from Fresno, CA, and we came out firing on all 
We beat them 21-6 with the mercy rule. Our motivation was that we would have had to play a third 
game right after if we would have lost, and we didn’t want to do that. Our bats were on fire, and we 
didn’t make any errors. We had 13 MVP’s today, but, unfortunately, we had one man go down with 
a ripped up calf muscle, Kevin Sauer.  We need him, but he will be our biggest cheerleader for 
tomorrow. We are now down to 12 players, but Kevin is an upbeat guy and he will keep us 
     We play tomorrow at 5:50, so it is a big game. Hopefully we can get a win and play for gold. 
Dean Roy pitched  a great game.

Day 4 Report from Jamie White
     The Medicine Hat Nissan +60’s got our butts handed to us tonight, 20-7 in a mercy rule by the
Bad Company from Edmonton. 
We were never in this one, as they scored 5 every inning except one, and we could not get our 
bats going at all. We were only able to register 6 outs all game, so, needless to say, we got
We now play tomorrow at 12:30 against the Silver Streaks from Nanaimo, the team we played our
first playoff game. Hopefully we can at least play for gold/silver, but we have to do better tomorrow.
We may be down to 11 players, as Kerry Schentag is suffering from a bad back.

Final report from Jamie White
  The Nissan Huff & Puffs +60’s lost our last game to Nanaimo Silver Streaks, 19-14, so we are 
done. Bronze medal. 
12 games in 6 days, so our bodies need to rest. It was great fun with a wonderful group of guys. 
Thanks very much to Trent Rasch & Dery Eresman for being great coaches. 
Best of luck to the 55’s and 70’s. Bring home some hardware. 
The weather is here, I wish you were beautiful. 

Our team is Larry Rudolph, Tim Seitz, Brian Stonehouse, Kerry Schentag, Dean Roy, Darrell 
Maser, Dery Eresman,  Wayne Miller, Jamie White, Jim Cooper, Kevin Sauer, Trent Rasch & Mike
Ferre. We had great fan support, with 65’s and 74’s cheering us on. Plus all the wives. It was a 
great season.



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