Team 70 St Albert Tournament Aug 16-18 2019

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St Albert Tournament Aug 16 - 18

Tournament Notes:
Day One:
Jim Noon's lead off triple in bottom of first inning triggered hits from Gord,Warren, Keith,Emerson,
and Ernie to bring in 4 runs. 
Top of second the Dynasty scored 5. 
Bottom of 2 Larry got a hit but no runs. 
Top 3,  12 pitches loaded bases, struck out the next batter then ball back to Ernie over to first for
3 outs. 
Bottom 3, hits by Stan,Keith,Emerson,Dennis,Sherwin,Lutz and Larry scores 5 runs. 
Top of 4 they get 1 run. 
Bottom of 4 Jim's only hit produced no runs. 
Top of 5 they got 2. 
Bottom of 5, hits by Kieth,Emerson,Dennis and Sherwin produced 3 runs. 
Top 6 they got 3. 
Bottom of 6, hits by Gord,Stan, Warren and Keith got 2 more runs. 
Top of 7 we held them to 1 run to come away with 14 to 9 win.

Day Two:
Game 1
     In the 2nd game against the Goodtimers they scored 5 runs top of the 1st
Bottom of 1st hits by Jim, Gord, Warren, Keith,  Emerson, and Dennis scored 2 runs.
     Top of 2nd they scored 0.
Bottom of 2nd hits by Sherwin, Jim, Gord, Warren, Keith, and Emerson which included Stan's HR
we got 5 runs.
     Top 3 they got 2.
Then Hits by Dennis, Ernie, Lutz, Larry, Jim, Gord and Stan scores 5 runs.
     Top of 4 they get 1 run.
Bottom Keith, Emerson,Ernie,Sherwin,Lutz, and Jim another 5.
     Top 5 they got 0.
Then hits by Gord, Warren and Keith scores 2 runs to force the mercy.
     Final HF 19 to 8
Game 2:
     3rd game against Grand Prairie. Top 1 they got 0.
Bottom hits by Jim ,Warren and Keith we scored 4.
     Top 2 they got 1.
Bottom hits by Ernie and nothing.
     Top 3 they scored 4.
Bottom hits by Jim, Gord,Stan, Warren, Keith and Emerson for 5 runs.
     Top 4 they got 0.
Bottom hits by Dennis and Ernie no runs.
     Top 5 they got 0.
Bottom of 5 hits by Larry, Gord, Stan, Warren, Keith and Emerson scored 3.
     Top 6 they got 2.
Bottom hits by Lutz and Larry no runs.
     Top 7 they nothing.
We won 12 to 7. We play at 10:15 tomorrow

Day Three
     Finals against the Buzzards. Top of 1 they get 4. 
Bottom hits by Jim, Stan, Warren, Keith, Emerson, Ernie and Lutz produced 4 runs.
Dennis has sack fly. 
     Top 2 they got 5. 
Bottom hits by Sherwin, Jim, Gord, Stan and Warren we got 4 runs. 
     Top of 3 they got 4. 
Bottom hits by Sherwin and Jim produced no runs. 
     Top 4 they got 5. 
Bottom hits by Stan, Warren, Keith, Emerson and Lutz we got 4. 
     Top of 5 they got 2 runs. 
Due to time we batted twice with Jim, Gord, Keith, Dennis and Lutz getting hits but no runs.
Final we lost 20 to 12. Boys playing pretty good all weekend to get Silver.



Fri Aug 16

7:00 pm
Team 70
Golden Dynasty
Sat Aug 17

12:45 pm
Team 70
3:15 pm
Team 70
Grand Prairie
Sun Aug 18

10:15 am
Team 70