Linden Tournament 2010

Linden Tournament June 12 - 13:

Huff & Puff 60’s          
1:00pm Stettler 2 VS Medicine Hat 20
2:30pm Castor 3 VS Medicine Hat 10
10:30am Lacombe 10 VS Medicine Hat 16
12:00pm GoodTimers 3 VS Medicine Hat 16
Huff & Puff 65’s          
1:00pm Lacombe 5 VS Medicine Hat 26
2:30pm Calgary 3 VS Medicine Hat 10
10:30 Calgary 10 VS Medicine Hat 11
12:00 Olds/Linden 3 VS Medicine Hat 8

Thanks to Karen for submitting the scores during the tournament.

Tournament Summary:

     Day one of the Linden tournament is over and both Medicine hat teams had a great start to the tournament with both teams winning  their first two games. Scores are located in the tournament section at the bottom of the page.

     Day two of the Linden tournament proved to be another excellent day of ball for both Medicine Hat teams. Both teams went 2-0 for the day to finish off the tournament. The 65’s/70’s team played an exciting first game that went into extra innings. They came on top with a 11-10 victory.


Team 60’s          
Back Row          
Ernie Ambrosi Rod Roden Tim MacInnis Keith Bender Gary Friesen  
Front Row          
Stan Aberle Frank Merkyl Dan MacDonald Betty Phaff Randy Deminick Tony Giesenger



Team 65’s          
Back Row          
Roger King Dennis Young Jim Poersch Norm Koberinski Bob Charette Wil Wikjord
Centre Row          
Jim Christmann Clinton Phaff Ken Bachmeier Gord Diebert Terry Pederson  
Front Row          
Karen Charette Ann Poersch        

Photo’s From Linden:

Picture 2400 Picture 2403 Picture 2409 Picture 2410 Picture 2411 Picture 2416 Picture 2418 Picture 2422

Note: Thanks to Ernie for the pictures.