Tournament Summary From League

 A message from Darrell Maser 

     On July 7, 8 & 9th, we held our annual league tournament. The weather was exceptional as we had perfect ball weather.
     The turnout of players from our league was very good as we had lots of players competing and the teams all had good games and lots of fun and fellowship.
     On Friday we kicked off the weekend with 3 games and we had lot of people watching at the Lorne Holden field. We sold a ton of food and pops that night and there were lots of good comments on how well the park is run.
     Our committee would like to thank the kitchen staff of Ken and Shirley, Dale Wood, Harvey Buye and Larry Granger they were extremely busy yet they managed it very well. On the bar side Bob Marfleet and Jim Black did a bang up job keeping everyone hydrated.
Thanks to Randy for announcing and the jokes and thanks to Darlene for score keeping.
Lutz and Larry did a great job umpiring all 3 games.
     We moved up top for the final two days and we had a lot of great help from our members in setting up. We would like to thank all of you for helping.
     I would like to thank Gerard for basically organizing the entire work force and doing a great job of getting 18 teams ,this is not a easy task and it took a lot coordination to get that many teams.
A big thanks to all the wives who helped also.
     Trent, Wayne and Derry were there helping from start to finish very much appreciate your help.
There was two good evening’s of music provided by Rob and Phil those guys can sing.
If you have ever seen the energizing bunny we have two in our league in Curtis Scherger and our League President Jim Black. They went non stop for three days and anything that needed to be done they were on top of it was amazing to see them in action.  Jim I’m sure you would have loved to play but you gave up that, to volunteer your time to our league that’s outstanding.
     Finally this was a great show case for league and a great success thanks to all involved.