MHSSP Playing Rules and Regulations


Substitution Players

  • Players are restricted to a maximum of two (2) substitutions per season. Any player violating this rule will be subject to an automatic three (3) game suspension. * Updated June 15, 2021.

  • Teams may add players up to a roster of 11.

  • Substituted players must bat at the end of the line up, but may play any defensive position.

Auxiliary Home Plate

  • In order to avoid injury due to collision at home plate, an auxiliary plate and / or line will be placed approximately 10 feet away from (3rd base/home baseline side from home plate. In order to score, the runner must safely touch the auxiliary home plate or cross the line. If the runner makes contact with the actual home plate or runs too close to the actual home plate (in the discretion of the umpire), the runner will be called out and the run will not score.

  • The catcher, or any other defensive player on a play at home plate, cannot tag the runner under any circumstance. To record the out, the defensive player must touch home plate prior to the runner touching the auxiliary plate or crossing the line.

1st Base Rule

  • Any defensive player is permitted to tag the runner from home to 1st base to record the out. 

  • Any ball hit to the outfield, the batter turned runner is permitted to touch the white bag. However, any close, bang-bang play at 1st base and the runner touches the white bag, maybe called out at the discretion of the umpire *Updated October 17, 2021.

Outfield Line

  • A line in the form of an arc will be placed from the 1st base foul line to the 3rd base four line between the infield and outfield fence. Outfielders with the exception of the Rover must start play behind the line at all times or until the ball is put into play.


  • Only 1.20 bats approved by ASA or USSSA may be used. All bats must be pre-approved prior to any use at the start of each season. 

  • Any league player aged 70 or older and / or rated in Gold and Gray may use a 1.21 bat. *Amended December 12, 2023

Flip - Flop Rule

  • If home team is down by seven (7) or more runs after batting in the sixth inning, they will immediately bat again in the 7th inning. The visiting team will only bat in the bottom 7th inning if necessary,

Home Teams

  • The designated home team shall occupy the 3rd base dugout. The home team will drag the field prior to each of the 6:30 and 7:30pm games.

Game Times

  • All games for the 2023 season begin with a 1-1 count to all batters. 

  • A time clock will be used and will be 50 minutes in length. The time clock can be adjusted to a lesser time to accommodate early and late season games.

Length of Games

  • All games will be 7 innings in length, unless shortened by lack of time, darkness and / or inclement weather.  All games will begin with a 50 minute clock. Clock time could be adjusted to accommodate early and late season games.

  • When the buzzer sounds, the inning being played will be completed and one plus inning will be played. The Mercy Rule (Flip-Flop) will still be utilized. 

  • An inning will conclude immediately following the 3rd out or the 5th run scored.

Substitute Runners

  • Substitute runners from home plate are permitted. However, the substitute runner may only advance to 1st base. All other runners may advance at will.

  • Any player (including substitutions) may be a substitute runner up to a maximum of twice (2) per game. Substitution runners must be declared prior to the next pitch.

  • Home Run Rule

  • Unlimited home runs. A player hitting a home run is not required to run the bases and may vacate the batters box immediately. The batter does not have to reach 1st base. All other runners may vacate the basepaths immediately as well.

Pitching Net

  • All pitchers will be required to use the pitching net provided by the league, it is mandatory and no option is offered. Additional protective equipment (mask, shin pads, etc) are optional. The net will be placed approximately 10 feet in front of the pitching rubber. Pitchers may play any ball defensively.

  • If a pitcher while delivering the ball to home plate makes any contact with the net, the ball is dead and the batter is awarded a ball.

  • If the batter strikes the net at any time, the hitter will be penalized with a foul ball and a strike. A batter cannot strike out contacting the net on their 3rd strike.  However, if a batter hits the net a second time on that at bat, they will be deemed out.

  • If a ball strikes the net at any time defensively, the ball will remain alive and should be played accordingly by the defensive team.

  • All pitches must go directly over the net.

Adopted December 12, 2023

Infield Players

  • No infield shifts are permitted. The defensive team must have two players on both sides of 2nd base

Adopted December 12, 2023

  • All infielders must have their feet on the shale until the batter hits the ball.

Adopted December 12, 2023

  • Note – Rover is permitted to play anywhere on the field at all times.