2019 Annual General Meeting Dec 17 2019

2019 Annual General Meeting - December 17/19

Meeting Called to Order at 7:02pm

In Attendance - 59 members

Moment of Silence held for five past members who passed away in 2019. 
Larry Plante, Ken Deck, Jim French, Bob Westgaard and Melvin Mogck.

Motion by Bob Tetz, seconded by Wayne Gutfriend to adopt the minutes from the 2018 AGM (CARRIED)

Old Business :

- Executive has amended the pitching net rule.   A batter will not be out when his batted ball 
strikes the pitching net for his third strike. (Dead Ball) However, the batter will be deemed out 
immediately if another batted ball strikes the net at any other time in that at bat.

Correspondence :

- A thank you letter received from the Under 12 Squirt Girls softball team for our association’s 
donation of two dozen softballs for their provincial championships.

Secretary Report (Kevin Friesen)

- A thank you to all of the team reps and coaches for forwarding all league information to their 
respective teams. 
Also a thank you to Rob Kayfish for all of his work on the league’s website.
- Substitutions were extremely high this past season.  A total of 114 players substituted this past 
season with a total of 243 spots, an average of 20.25 per team.

Treasurer’s Report (Norm Emann)

- Motion by Ken Zollner, seconded by Jerry Koslofski to accept audited financial report by Jim
Noon and Stan Aberle. (CARRIED)
- Bank balance as of Novermber 40, 2019 was $70,372.

Activities (Larry Rudolph)

- Enjoyed a lot of good events this past season, no negative comments received.
- Held third scramble instead of annual tournament because of Alberta Summer Games, will be 
hosting tournament again in 2020.

Facilities (Norm Emann)

- Major expenditures incurred in kitchen and concession areas. Special thanks to John Unreiner
who spent approximately 50 hours volunteering.
- Harold Enslen built the containers to store the propane tanks.
- Sherwin Lehman’s family donated the rubber mats for under the picnic tables.
- Thanks as well to Bob Charette for organizing the scorekeepers/announcers and Jamie White
for all of his work in the concession.

President’s Report (Rick Parker)

- Hosted the Alberta Summer Games and received a lot of praise for hosting committee as well
as facilities.
- Season went well with no exceptional concerns.

Casino Report (Norm Emann)

- Struggled at beginning to get volunteers for March 17-18 casino but now filled. 
Thanks to members who are going to assist.
- Should receive funds from March 2020 casino sometime through mid season this summer.

Tournament Teams

55’s (Kevin Friesen)
- Played in three tournaments including winning gold at the Alberta Summer Games.
- Had a 1-5 record at the Huntsman Games in St. George.

60’s (Trent Rasch)
- First time played in Mesquite prior to the Huntsman Games.

65’s (Larry Biko)
- Will participate in the Canada Summer Games in Kamloops in August.
-  Finished with a 3-2 record at the Huntsman Games.

70’s won the Silver medal at the Huntsman Games
74’s Didn’t have any teams to play in Alberta prior to the Huntsman Games.

New Business :

- Mercy Rule has been eliminated.
- 2020 Registration Forms to have line for players that will miss 10 or more games as well as a 
line that a player does not want to substitute.
- A lot of interest in the 60s division for the Huff n Puffs, a second team will be registered for the 
Huntsman Games.
- Motion by Derry Eresman, seconded by Trent Rasch the league pay for the Huff n Puff teams 
registration for the Huntsman Games in St. George, Utah.  (CARRIED)
- Two new team sponsors for 2020 season. Southridge Wine & Whiskey and the Garage Pub, 
replacing Schooner’s Pub and Lafarge.
- Fieldhouse has been booked for indoor sessions, dates and times posted on league website.
- Motion by Ken Zollner, seconded by Jake Thomas registration rates remain the same for the 
2020 season. (CARRIED)

Election of Officers :

The following executive members will serve a one year term, all by acclamation.

Kevin Friesen - Secretary
Paul King - Registrar
Norm Emann - Treasurer
Jim Black - Vice President
Rick Parker - President

The following two directors, Larry Rudolph (Activities) and Norm Emann (Facilities) have one 
more year left in their term.

Motion by Kevin Friesen, seconded by Jamie White that effective with the 2020 Annual General 
Meeting, all executive terms will be two years.  (CARRIED)

Motion by Jim Rittinger to adjourn.