Medicine Hat Senior Slow Pitch History

     The birth of the Medicine Hat Senior Men’s Slow Pitch League was in August 6th, 1981, when Lorne Holden, a CPR employee got some of his fellow employees and formed a 60 plus Slow Pitch team. They got permission to use the Connaught School Ball Diamond. Lorne Holden found some competition with the Baptist Church and their first game was played on August 28, 1981. They found another competing team which had just formed, known as The Farmers, and played them on September 10, 1981.
     In 1982 the league under Lorne Holden’s stewardship had four teams and with the permission from the City, played their games in Lion’s Park.
     In and attempt to see the league grow, they lowered the entry age to 55 in 1984. The league progressed slowly and by 1988 the old CPR, Farmers and Church teams were disbanded and players were re-assigned to create five teams of equal strength. By 1999 the league had grown to eight teams, most of which had sponsorship and the league moved from Lions Park to their current location in Kin Coulee Park.
     In 1997 the League under President Hector Schneider and the efforts of Marvin Woelfle the Medicine Hat Senior Men’s Slow Pitch Association was Incorporated, thus allowing it the means to raising funds to sustain the League.
     In 2001 the Kin Coulee ball field used by the league was dedicated to Lorne Holden, our founding father, and is known as Lorne Holden Field.
After some successful fund raising, and through the co-operation of the City of Medicine Hat, the League began making improvements to the Field. In 2001 the Announcer’s Tower was installed. In 2002 the League had expanded to 10 teams, a concession stand was added adjacent to the Announcer’s Tower and the Electronic Scoreboard was installed.
     In 2003 the complex had security fencing installed around the complete field and encompassing park area. A new backstop, new dugouts, a batting cage were built and the field was reschaled.
Visitor’s to our League games are astounded at the quality of Lorne Holden Field and believe the venue is one to be envied. We, the Medicine Hat Senior Slow Pitch Association and its volunteers are proud of our League and our facilities. In the spring of each year we welcome new membership.