Huntsman Team 65

Wrap Up Report
     Well folks, this will be our 65's wrap up for this season, after Glen and I made it home late this afternoon (Saturday). As many of you know, our Huff & Puff's 65's have won the gold medal in our "A" Yellow Pool. For those of you that aren't familiar with the format, that does not mean that we were the best team in all of the 65's division, it simply means that we were the best team in our pool, which consisted of 6 teams that all had similar records in the pool play. There were 3 levels higher than "A", which is Major, "AAA", and "AA". There are also two lower levels than ours, "B" and "C". We were placed where we belonged with the 5 other teams. Our playoffs games were very competitive, close games that could have gone either way. We were lucky in the fact that we got a bye in the first bracket, probably based on runs for and against in pool play, and went through to the final with 2 wins that were very good games. Now that I have that cleared up for you, which is probably clear as mud, on to the final write-up of our 2 games.

We played Edmonton Prairie Combines in the final, whom we played in our 2nd playoff game. We beat them in that one, a close game. They beat a team from Kansas City to meet us in the final. First game, they beat us 29-22, which they well deserved. We weren't quite good enough in that game, made some costly mistakes on defense, and they outhit us for the win. We just weren't as sharp as we had been previously. Maybe some nervousness got to us.  

Second game, we fired back with some renewed enthusiasm. We picked it up considerably, hit the crap out of the ball, and cleaned up our defensive play. However, it isn't over till it's over. We gave up 4 runs in the bottom of the 7th to give them a tie, so off to extra innings we go. I guess two full games wasn't enough, we had to play on after being out on the field for about 3 hours. Extra inning, our guys came out firing on all cylinders, scoring 8 runs and going through our complete batting order, and then some. Was it enough? Yes it was. Our pitching and defense were solid and they scored 1 run. Final score, 30-23. Complete jubilation from a bunch of guys that didn't think we would be in that position when we started the tournament. 

Finally, our roster of 15 guys, 14 players and 1 coach that was too injured to play, are as follows:

Rod Brusky, Mike Ferre, Jim Fink, Larry Hurrell, Glen Kessler, Jim Larson, Dean Roy, Larry Rudolph, Kevin Sauer, Dave Sawatsky, Kerry Schentag, Tim Seitz, Jack Simons, Jamie White, and last-but-not least, Dery Eresman, our wonderful (injured) coach.

Supporting cast: many wives of our players, and most of the 60's and 74's squads that came to cheer us on, which was huge for us. Their support is something that we will never forget. And, to accomplish this gold playing with these guys that all come from within our Medicine Hat Association is something that, I feel, we should be very proud of. It is a wonderful accomplishment for all of us. 

So, that's it folks. Thanks to all who supported us. Hope everyone has made it home safe & sound. Safe travels and all the best to the 55's and 70's. Do your best and come home healthy..

Signing off. Report By Jamie White

Day Four Report
     Well sports fans, some of you may find this hard to believe (maybe us included), but the 65's Huff & Puff's are playing for the gold medal in the "A" Yellow Pool tomorrow at 11:00. We beat the Edmonton Prairie Combines today in another close game, 18-14. Again, we started out fairly slow, getting 2 in the first, they scored 5, but then we found our footing and started to turn it up a notch. We went ahead in the 2nd and never were behind for the rest of the game, although it was close all the way. We had a couple miscues along the way, probably wasn't our best game defensively, but our bats seemed to pick us up when needed. A couple innings we had 2 quick outs, but then our guys picked it up and we were able to score 4 & 5 runs in those innings, which was huge for us. We didn't really have any one player that was carrying the load offensively this game, rather, it was a total team effort and we just seemed to persevere. 
     So, we play at 11:00 tomorrow. If we win, that's it - GOLD. If we lose, another game for all the marbles. One game only would be nice, but our guys will be ready to go if we have to play a second game. 
     Safe travels to all of those heading home tomorrow, and also to everyone heading down for next week's action..
     Signing off, and Happy Motoring. Report By Jamie White

Day Three Report
     The 65's had a great game today against a team called Southlake Hornets, which is somewhere in Texas. We came out on top, 23-22, really was a nail-biter all the way. Our offense was very good, but so was theirs. I think the difference in the game was we may have been a bit better defensively, but both teams were very comparable in talent. We were 1 up going into the open inning, we scored 6 in the top, they scored 6 in the bottom, great game.
     Jim Fink was the winning pitcher, Dean Roy came in to close the deal in the open inning, threw 1 pitch, got a hard hit ball right back at him, he knocked it down and threw it to 1st, game over. Sounds easy enough, doesn't it? Mike Ferre had a good day at the plate with 2 inside the park HR's. Frisky little fellow, isn't he?? We also had everyone hustling and running out ground balls, which contributed to lots of close, safe calls at first. It pays to run everything out when it comes playoff time. Today it sure did, anyway.. 
     So, we are off to the "A" Yellow Pool semi-final tomorrow at 12:30. We play the Prairie Combines, which are a good team as well. Should be fun. It sure would be nice to stay on the top of the draw with a win, don't have to play as many games. We shall see what tomorrow. brings..
     Signing off. Game Report By Jamie White

Day Two Report
Hi Ya'll Again,
     Greetings from sunny downtown St George, Utah. Our 3 teams here finished pool play today, and the 65's were rolling right along, until today!! The Montana Madmen were an angry bunch, and they hammered us Soggy Bottom Boys by a score of 14-2, which is a mercy rule game (which basically, put us out of our misery). If you want to call a spade a shovel, they were alot better team than us, and it didn't take us long to realize that. Actually, when we watched them play yesterday against the teams that we beat, we knew we were more-than-likely going to end pool play at 2-1, which isn't a bad thing for us. The Montana Angry Guys actually played in the Worlds at Vegas a couple weeks ago, got 2nd place in 65 AAA, so they weren't really a bunch of local hillbillies like us. We all play in the same league, some of their guys probably don't even know where Montana is.. 
     Anyway, I digress.... We move on to the playoffs tomorrow. We have been placed in the "A" Yellow Pool with 5 other teams. We play one game tomorrow, win or lose, 11:10 at Canyons #7. The 60's kicked butt in pool play, so they will be up with the big boys in the playoffs, the 74's will be in the middle of the pack somewhere. 
     We are all together, cheering each other on and enjoying each other's company. Good luck to the 60's and 74's in the playoffs. Keep up the good work, stay healthy (maybe too late for that)..
Report By Jamie White
Day One Report
     The Huff & Puffs have 3 teams that made it to St. George, safe & sound. Our team, the 65's played 2  early games today, 8:30 and 12:30. A little bit of a rain and lightning delay for our first game, but it was actually a welcome relief from the extreme heat we played in at the Mesquite tournament on the weekend. We got beat up and beat down there, playing 5 games on Friday & Saturday in 100 degree temps, way too much for these old bones. Today was much more moderate after a Sunday day-off.
     Our first game at 8:30 was against a team called Rundy's Legends. They may have been legends 50 years ago, but I think now they are a bunch of guys on a reunion tour just out for a good time, coming in from all over the country. Anyway, we beat them 12-6. It maybe should have been a little more lopsided than that but we took our foot off the gas a bit and had some fun with them. They were great guys and it was very enjoyable.
     Our second game was against East West Aircraft, a good looking team from Boise, ID, and I thought we would have our hands full with these guys. We stepped on the gas here and beat them in the mercy rule, 16-4. Our bats came alive and our defense was superb. Specifically, 3 standouts in the outfield, Jack Simons, Mike Ferre and Dave Sawatsky. They came up with some outstanding catches, which seemed to deflate the Boise boys a bit and pick up our crew. A couple game-changing catches can really turn a game around. 
     Our heaters on the mound were also superb, Jim Fink, Dean Roy and Jim Larson. We will have our hands full tomorrow, playing the Montana Madmen at 12:30, they have a solid squad and have mercied the same two teams we played today. If we end pool play at 2-1, nothing wrong with that. 
     Going to see the 60's play under the lights tonight. They have the night shift. Good luck to them and the 74's. Also, Harold Enslen and Gord Diebert received their 15 year rings yesterday, a proud moment for our association.
Signing off till tomorrow, Happy Motoring. Jamie White Game Report

 BREAKING NEWS...Just got a text from my wife, I just became a Grandpa again for the 6th time. Yipeeeee.. She's in Calgary handling that, I'm in St. George handling this.