Rules of Play 2


Substitution Players  

  • Teams may add available players to make up an 11 player roster.

  • The onus is on all players to let coaches know in advance if they are going to be away.

  • Even if called ahead of time, substitute players may only play if the team has less than 11 players.

  • Added players must bat at the end of the batting order, but may play any defensive position.

  • Players are allowed to substitute two (2) times during the season. 

  • When selecting substitutes during the season, teams/coaches must select an equal number of players from each rating system (A,B,C) and complete the substitution box as shown below, prior to moving onto the next substitution box.




  • Teams do not have to select substitutes in any particular order as long as the box is completed before moving onto the next substitution box.

  • Players and / or coaches who offend, disrespect or abuse the intent of the substitution rules will be referred to the Executive. The executive will have the power to administer discipline : up to and including removing players from the club.

Auxiliary Home Plate - In order to avoid injury due to collision at home plate, an auxiliary home plate is in place approximately 10 feet away (3rd base / home baseline side) from the home plate. In order to score a run, the runner must safely touch the auxiliary home plate. A runner commit line is located between 3rd base and the auxiliary home plate. Once this line is crossed, the runner must proceed to the auxiliary home plate.

Foul Tip - No perceptible arc is required for a ball to be called a Foul Tip. And if caught by the catcher, the batter will be called out.

Outfield Line - A line in the form of an arc will be placed from the 1st base foul line to the 3rd base foul line between the infield and the outfield fence. Outfielders (except the rover) must start play behind this line at all times or until the ball is put into play.

Questioning an Umpires Call - An umpires decision may not be disputed regarding balls, strikes and outs. A coach may question a decision only if it involves a technicality. Infractions to this rule may result in a game ejection. This will result in an automatic review by the executive and further suspensions of result.

Playing Rules (Questions / Concerns) - Any player or team that has questions, concerns or suggestions regarding any playing rule, should pass them onto their respective team representative, who in turn, will refer the matter to the executive.

Bats - Only bats approved by ASA (American Softball Association) may be used.

Player Conduct - Any conduct unbecoming to the spirit and / or objectives of the Medicine Hat Senior Men’s Slow Pitch Association may result in suspensions based on the severity of the incident. This will include any physical and / or verbal abuse and any other conduct detrimental to the players or the club.

Discipline Committee - The discipline committee will consist of the elected executive.

Mercy Rule - If either team is down by 10 or more runs after batting in the sixth inning : they will immediately bat again. The other team will only bat their 7th inning if necessary.

Schedule - The league will consist of an unbalanced schedule with a minimum of 30 games per team as well as Scrambles. The second team listed will be Home Team.

Warm Ups - All warm ups prior to the 5:30pm game must take place either outside the diamond or on the outfield grass. There will be no infield warm ups prior to games.

Home Teams - The designated home team shall occupy the 3rd base dugout.

Umpires - League teams will provide umpires for all games. Teams who umpire that evening will also be responsible for the concession operations.

Diamond Preparation - Prior to the game, the visiting team for the first game each night will prepare the diamond. This includes : laying chalk lines, positioning bases, sweeping dugouts and putting our equipment. The home team of the second and third games will drag the infield.  The home team of the final game of the evening will put away bases and assure the facility gates are locked. The visiting team of the final game will put away the league bats. The visiting team of the first game will place the league bats in the dugouts before the start of the game. 

Games and Game Times - All games will be played at Kin Coulee (Lorne Holden Field). Game times will be 5:30pm, 6:30pm and 7:30pm. Players must be present, warmed up and ready to play at game time. Umpires will start the games on time and keep them moving. Time and / or days may be adjusted in May and August due to early darkness.

* All May and August, September games, batters will begin with a 1 - 1 count. 

Note - On the 1-1 count, a player will be deemed to be out if they foul at any time on a two-strike count. 1-1 count games will be inclusive from May 1 - June 1 and from 

August 7 to September 14. When there are only two games scheduled in a night, no time clock will be utilized, however, the 1-1 count rule is in effect in the dates designated.

Length of Games - All games will be 7 innings unless shortened due to lack of time. On a two game night, NO clock will be used. On three game nights, the clock will be set at 50 minutes for all three games, and will start with the opening pitch.  When the buzzer sounds, the inning being played will be completed plus one more open inning. The 7th inning (or final inning) will be an open inning. The final out of any inning will be immediately after the 3rd recorded out or the

5th run scores.

Team Roster - Each team will play 11 players in the field. All players present must be listed and must bat in order. Injured players in the dugout should be listed on the line up sheet as subs. Coaches should strive to substitute all players equally. Each player on the batting order should play at least three (3) defensive innings.

Substitute Runner - Substitute runners from home plate are permitted. Any player may be a substitute runner (including all substitute players) to a maximum of twice (2) per game, or until all eligible runners have run twice. Violation of this rule may result in the runner being called out.  A substitute runner must be put in place prior to the first pitch to the next batter. 

Home Run Rule - A team may at any time be up by two (2) home runs.  If a team goes up by (3) home runs at any time during the game, the batter will be awarded a single and all base runners will only advance on a force play

A player hitting a home run may run the bases or elect to vacate the batters box immediately, the batter does not have to reach 1st base.   Any runners on the base paths also have the option of exiting the base paths immediately.

Pitching Net - All pitchers will use the pitching net provided by the league.  The net is mandatory for all pitchers.  Additional protective equipment (mask, shin pads, etc.) are optional.  The net will be set approximately four feet in front of the pitching rubber.  It cannot be moved forward or back.   There will be some variance in the net being moved left or right, the league.   Pitchers may play the ball at any time.

Note - If the batter strikes the net at any time with a batted ball, the hitter will be penalized a foul ball.   

Note - If the ball strikes the net at anytime defensively, the ball will remain live and should be played accordingly by the defensive team.

Tournament Teams - Whenever possible, coaches for the Huff and Puff teams should use players in their age category, rather than utilizing players not in their own respective divisions.