League Information

2018 Executive/Directors:
President Tim Seitz{Val} 403 581 8984
Vice President Rick Parker{Lorraine} 403 527 3554
Past President Jamie White{Janet} 403 529 7174
Treasurer Norm Emann {Marilyn} 403 526 5720
Secretary Kevin Friesen{Kathy} 403 580 0492
DirectorLarry Rudolph{Pam} 403 526 0242
Registrar Jim Rittinger{Janay} 403 928 6560
Life Members
Hector Schneider Voldy Stickelmier Lorne Holden
Harvey Boswell Dug Cameron Clint Phaff
Roy Gale Ben Stegen Merv Hamblin
Elmer Lehman Lou Audette Jim Poersch
Frank Ruckaber Marv Woelfle Tony Geisinger
Harry Zeller Jake Oster Howard Gehring
Harold Enslen Sherwin Lehman Val Hoffner

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Life Members

2018 Registration Forms:
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