General Policy


Annual General Meeting - An Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held by 

January 31st each year, unless otherwise agreed to by the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors - An Annual General Meeting shall consist of the following elections or appointments.

  • President, 

  • Vice-President, 

  • Secretary, 

  • Treasurer (elected yearly, one year term)

  • Past President, 

  • Two Directors (two year term) 

  • Representative from each team appointed at the AGM.

Team Representative - The team representative provides liaison and two-way communication between team players and the executive. The reps will collect registration forms and fees from the players and provide any necessary information to the Sickness Committee on ill or bereaved players. The team rep will also sell banquet tickets to the team players and guests, collecting volunteer sheets for the casino. Will also assist the coaches as needed and all other related duties.

Elections - Elections shall take place at the AGM. A nominating committee headed by the Past President will present a slate of candidates for the elected positions.

Committees - Committees will be appointed by the Board of Directors at the beginning of each season to handle all anticipated programs.

Fees - The playing fees shall be established at each AGM. After July 1st, the fee for the remainder of the year shall be reduced to 50% of the regular annual fee. There will be NO refund for injured players. The Board of Directors will set fees for special circumstances.

Schedule - The league schedule will be discussed at the AGM and final arrangements will be made by the Scheduling Committee.

Assignment of New Players - New players are all those who have not played previously in the league. New players who register before the deadline will be dealt with by the Placement Committee or draft as applicable. New players who register after the deadline will be dealt with by the Placement Committee.

Returning Players - These are all players who played previously in the league. If a returning player takes one year or more off and then returns prior to the registration deadline date, he will go into the draft pool. If a player takes one year or more off and then returns after the deadline, he will be dealt with as a new player. A player who returns after taking less than a year off (due to injury or other absence) will be placed on a team deemed most appropriate by the Placement Committee

Life Membership - Candidates must have played for 10 (ten) consecutive years or more. An exception could be made for health reasons. A candidate must have served on the Board for at least two years. Under extraordinary circumstances, the League may grant a special life membership. The award will include a certificate, the waiving of league fees for active members and an annual banquet ticket. The Board of Directors will have the final decision.

Annual Banquet - Every member of the league will be provided with a complimentary ticket for the year end banquet as part of the annual membership fee.

League Jacket - Any new player will be provided a league jacket for $10. Any existing member requesting a replacement jacket must pay the full cost.